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Age of Rust Updates Game and Player Expectations

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Age of Rust, a space-themed game developed by SpacePirate Games, has released their latest dev update which includes several quality of life improvements as well as clarification around expectations from the game. They focused in particular on its status as a play-to-earn, first-person shooter. Guess what? It’s not.

First and foremost the developers never designed Age of Rust as a play-to-earn game. While players can claim bounties, tokens with embedded Enjin coins, they didn’t mean the game to be a blockchain loot piñata. They do have that million dollar crypto puzzle though. The team says that some of the confusion around this aspect likely came from their previous marketing and interviews. They will adjust their marking in the future to better shape expectations for the game.

The second point of confusion was the idea that Age of Rust would be primarily a first-person shooter. Age of Rust is a mix of puzzle games and light action. They admit that the first-person shooter aspects were lacking, and are working on improving this part of the game. They’ve included a down-sights view to better fit the FPS standards, and in addition they’ve updated a couple of gun models to support that new feature. There has been some tweaking on the movements, with an increase to the bob and sway effects. Further good news, players can now also shoot while jumping or crouching.

More fixing

As for other updates / bug fixes, players can now choose a video resolution, rather than the game forces the default options. The developers have also added an in-game journal to store information and clues. Players can then refer to it in order to help them solve the game’s puzzles. Many enemies in the game didn’t move around, so the devs have also updated them. Now enemies dynamically react and take cover or chase players. Furthermore, they included four quickslots and a mini-map of the current level in the interface.

Support for the move to JumpNet has begun, which should alleviate Ethereum gas fees, but tokens on the mainnet won’t be transferred over until the asset bridge has been completed. Development for the game will continue while the JumpNet transition is in progress.

What is Age of Rust?

Age of Rust is a single-player sci-fi adventure/puzzle game. Players will explore abandoned space stations, mysterious caverns, and ruins on far away worlds.

Age of Rust is currently in beta and available as a free playtest version on Steam. You will need an Enjin wallet and an Age of Rust token in order to play the beta. Some of the higher-level missions and puzzles will only be available to those with the proper tokens, which can be sometimes found in-game, or purchased from the Enjin Markeplace or OpenSea.

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