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MoonieNFT Extends Moonchest Claiming with a Few Days

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MoonieNFT has decided to extend the claiming period for their Moonchest with a few days, while granting all those who claim a chest with a free Moonie NFT. The claiming period will now end on August 28th, following by an announcement about their Initial DEX Offering (IDO) one day later.

The MoonieNFT project is still in its early days, and in the future players can buy Moonies. However, for now they can claim their free Moonchest, which will also get them a free Moonie NFT after the drop ends. Claiming is free, but you will need to pay a gas fee. Depending on how busy it is, this will cost a few dollars up to $30. So make sure to pick the right moment to participate.

Among all the participants, some will get 500 USD worth of tokens. In addition the developers will hand out other NFT rewards as a bonus. The Moonchest, Moonie and prizes will be delivered once the claiming period ends. So that will probably happen on August 29th.

So what is Moonie NFT

Moonie NFT describes itself as a gamified yield generation platform with NFT-based play-to-earn mechanics. Players and NFT owners can use their NFT in a game, and earn tokens that way. Or they can stake their NFTs and participate in yield farming. Players have the ability to level up their Moonie, allowing the NFT to earn better and more rewards. Every day, users have 10 launches, from which all scores will be combined and added to their leaderboard score. 

Gamers can use their Moonie to enter races, or earn yield in the Research Lab. There’s also a competitive elements with a leaderboard and prizes for the top 100 players. The races have a $100,000 prize pool, while staking earns users interest. There will also be a bunch of smaller games, allowing gamers to compete for the top of the leaderboards for $30,000 in prizes.

Native to the platform is the MNY token. Users can earn this currency by game participation, but they can also invest the token in their NFTs and improve their yield. In the future the token will also serve as a governance token, allowing users to vote on new developments for the ecosystem.

The first game will launch by the end of September. According to their roadmap, the team will also create a bridge to Binance Smart Chain.

My two cents
MoonieNFT probably isn’t the true next generation blockchain game. The project uses NFTs, has its own native token, but is a bit simple from a gameplay perspective. Clearly this is a simple, but perhaps challenging, mobile game, and nothing more than that. Above everything, MoonieNFT presents itself as a gamified yield farm, so from that perspective they certainly do a good job. This looks clearly more fun than most of the generic yield farms on the market.

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