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Everybody Can Now Be a Fashion Designer in Decentraland

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Decentraland has released the Wearables Editor, giving everybody the opportunity to design digital fashion for avatars in the blockchain-powered virtual world. The minting process happens on the Polygon sidechain, making sure that minting fees remain low.

However, it’s not like anybody can just make some shirts and publish them. The Decentraland DAO has formed a Curation Committee to prevent buggy or offensive wearables from appearing inside the virtual world. We could view this as a community-powered quality assurance.

Designing is something everybody can do, following the guidelines provided by Decentraland. Just go to the official Decentraland website, login to your web3 wallet using Metamask and click on the menu item ‘Collections’. Here the uploading process will start, as well as the pricing and naming of the items.

To reduce spam, the Decentraland DAO has decided to implement a fee for publishing wearable items in the Editor. This way they want to discourage and reduce wearable spam. How high the fee will be, is still undecided. However, they did announce that the earnings from those fees will go to the DAO, to fund other community initiatives.

Polygon savior of digital fashion

Even though gas fees at the time of writing aren’t that bad, we’ve seen some outrageous fees in the past few weeks. When users need to pay $50 for a token transfers, things get even more crazy for NFTs. Therefore digital fashion inside Decentraland and Cryptovoxels was suffering. While Decentraland kept things going, Cryptovoxels even removed the options. However, now both of them have found a solution in Polygon.

These virtual worlds aren’t the only ones, as digital fashion organization Digitalax also embraced the sidechain solution. All these companies see Polygon as an ideal scaling solution for digital fashion. Perhaps have them all together on the same blockchain, will also proof to be useful for interoperability in the future.

What is Decentraland?

Decentraland is a virtual world build on the Ethereum blockchain. Consumers can buy land within this world, and build anything. Currently ownership over virtual land is highly speculative, and the value of these lands increased significantly over the past year. Decentraland launched in February 2020, and players can now visit by using a web browser on a desktop or laptop.

Within Decentraland people can build all kinds of businesses, including shops for in-game items, art galleries and games. Decentral Games and Metazone are some of the companies that create games within Decentraland. For example, Metazone is selling complete game installations. Landowners can earn money from those creations, while game creators earn a share of the revenue.

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