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Fashion Platform Digitalax Embracing Polygon

Digital fashion platform Digitalax is integrating Polygon blockchain into its service, enabling scalability for digital fashion and gaming NFTs. The first product that will tap into Polygon’s blockchain services, will be a beta test for casual esports platform ESPA.

Players can buy digital fashion NFTs, better known as skins, directly from the Digitalax marketplace hosted on the Polygon blockchain. Players can then use these items in their competitive games, earning them MONA tokens in the process. They also need these same tokens to buy new items, so we can go full circle here.

Not much is known yet about ESPA. Digitalax will soon unveil the first ESPA esports battle modded content and the handcrafted digital clothes that come with it.

Digital fashion for gamers

Digitalax is creating digital fashion in the broadest sense. They want to empower designers, developers and players with their own digital fashion on the blockchain. Designers get their fair share, developers tap into a new economy and players have full ownership over the digital items they bought.

In the present day, that would mean players have ownership over their in-game skins. They could sell these, while limited edition items increase in value because of scarcity or the status of their designer. In addition all kinds of designers would tap into the ecosystem, creating and selling additional skins.

Digitalax have been making a name for themselves over the past months. Late February they made an impact with their presence at Digital Fashion Week, while they had a designer jacket (virtual of course) on SuperRare the week before that. Ultimately Digitalax wants their digital fashion to tap into the play-to-earn economy, where players are rewarded for their efforts.

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