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0xGames Shutting Down After Three Years

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After three years of development on a variety of blockchain games, game studio 0xGames is pulling the plug and shutting down its operations. The studio has no funding to keep development going. 0xGames expressed its ambition to keep 0xUniverse live, and finish the Corporation Wars update. However, other projects will not be completed.

The studio’s financial troubles mean the end of 0xRacers, 0xWarriors and 0xUniverse: Battleships. These three blockchain games will not be completed. However, in the blog post studio boss Sergey Kopov remains a bit hopeful on the future of 0xUniverse. He wants to keep the game running in an ‘autonomous state’ as long as there is player interest.

0xGames started its operation in 2017 when founder Sergey Kopov and an investor pushed the launch button together. Within six month the company made an early version of 0xUniverse, one of the first blockchain games on the market. During the second half of 2018 the studio started working four projects at the same time, alongside a tech solution for future games.

However, in 2019 everything took a turn for the worst. Kopov points at a lack of player growth, the lack of support from EOSIO, lack of promotion from Tron (calling them scammers), and other external problems.

0xGames and their legacy

Blockchain gaming is only a few years old. There’s no way we can speak of a legacy similar to companies in the console gaming industry. However, 0xGames surely is a pioneer in the field and should be recognized as such. Perhaps it wasn’t the smartest move to work on that many projects at the same time. Maybe they should’ve finished and expanded 0xUniverse instead of building 0xRacers and 0xWarriors. But that’s all talking in hindsight.

Cryptopunks are the first digital collectibles on the blockchain. Cryptokitties started the revolution of the gamification of non-fungible tokens. Without a doubt we can list 0xUniverse along pioneering blockchain games like Spells of Genesis and Huntercoin. Perhaps the digital assets from 0xGames will now suddenly become valuable collectibles.

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