0xuniverse artwork

0xUniverse can be seen as one of the pioneers in blockchain gaming. It’s a blockchain-powered space strategy game in which players had to discover and collect planets. The ambition of game studio 0xGames eventually became its downfall, as they took on too many projects at the same time.

However, 0xUniverse lives on. The game made a migration from the Ethereum blockchain to the layer-2 solution Matic Network. In 0xUniverse you become an explorer in a galaxy of unique, collectible planets. Colonize them to extract resources and build spacecrafts! Resources, planets and spaceships are all non-fungible tokens or NFTs.

  • Revived 0xUniverse Now Introduced Artifacts

    They want a bit under my radar in the past couple of months, but 0xUniverse is alive and kicking on Polygon, and now launched a big update with their artifacts. Players can now stake mined energy onto planets to find Artifacts, a valuable type of NFT. It’s a new DeFi mechanic that’s being added to […]
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  • 0xGames Shutting Down After Three Years

    After three years of development on a variety of blockchain games, game studio 0xGames is pulling the plug and shutting down its operations. The studio has no funding to keep development going. 0xGames expressed its ambition to keep 0xUniverse live, and finish the Corporation Wars update. However, other projects will not be completed. The studio’s […]
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