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Fortified Likely To Be Added to Gala Games Platform

Fortified Gala Games

Currently community members of Gala Games who hold so-called Gala nodes, get to vote on the tower defense game Fortified entering the Gala Games ecosystem. This would mean that the node holders in the Gala network would start to receive Fortified NFT drops starting from March 25th. It would make Fortified the third game in the ecosystem, next to Town Star and Mirandus.

Personally this vote would not be needed. Who’s going to vote against the proposition of receiving free NFTs? Nobody. So we can be pretty sure that some node holders will receive an NFT on Thursday.

The Gala Games ecosystem is looking to become its own network for all their games. The network node owners get to make governance decisions, like adding certain games to the ecosystem. In the future node holders can share hard disc space or computing power to support the network even more. However, for now you just earn GALA tokens and sometimes receive an NFT.

What is Fortified?

Fortified is a new tower-defense game that’s coming to the Gala Games ecosystem. Inside the game players own NFTs that represent items or land. Some of those will be distributed to node operators of the Gala ecosystem. The gaming company revealed earlier this month that Fortified will use the Binance Smart Chain for its NFTs. Among those NFT is for example an uncommon Arrow Tower.

Fortified is a competitive Tower Defense game set in a fantastical medieval world. In game, players will be able to compete with one another to build the best tower defense strategies, utilizing everything from basic arrows and archery to the arcane arts. Players also get to train their troops, empowering their NFTs in some way.

Compete with players on your own terms on your own land, or meet on neutral territory to battle it out to see who will take home the prize. Player ownership of assets is an important part of the game, but those without land or NFTs will still be able to join and compete, potentially earning part of the prize pool.

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