Cometh Updates Add Solar Systems and More

cometh solar system

The DeFi-powered space mining game Cometh has received some many different updates in recent days, it feels like we’re talking about a different game now. They introduced Solar Systems, tripling the game field and doubling the rewards. In addition the team launched ComethSwap, partnered with BadgerDAO and created a rental service for NFTs on the Polygon blockchain.

Among the biggest updates for Cometh are the solar systems, which add a lot more space to mine meteors and earn those MUST tokens. In addition players can travel between solar systems, by finding portals on the map. Travelling through hyperspace does cost you 0.001 MUST though. At the moment there are three solar systems available, but as Cometh attracts more users, more can be added.

You can buy spaceships on the secondary market. However, you can also rent them. Cometh Rental allows any spaceship owner to rent his spaceships to other users for a fee, and share mining rewards. This fits very well in the play-to-earn economy.

For example, you’d pay 2 MUST to rent three ships, and need to give 5% of your mining rewards to the owner. Or you’ve pay only 0.1 MUST, but pay 50%. To get an idea, 1 MUST is currently more than $244. The developers launched ComethSwap earlier this week. According to DappRadar they already generated $7.88 million in trading volume, coming from 565 users.

One of the pools opening on Thursday will be MUST/bBADGER, which comes from a partnership with bitcoin-oriented DeFi protocol BadgerDAO. They will also sell several Badger-themed ships through OpenSea with a starting price of 300 DUST or 0.5 ETH. A rare space ships, with five copies, will sell for 15 ETH, while an unique one will be sold through an open auction.

What is Cometh?

Cometh is a space game, but above all it’s gamified DeFi product. They describe themselves as a ‘DeFi powered game with yield generating NFT’. Active players can mine MUST tokens using their spaceships, and a share of all NFT sales gets distributed as asteroids back into the game. That way Cometh really is a mix from a game and a DeFi product.

No matter whether you look at Cometh from an investment or gaming perspective, the promise is quite cool. You control a spaceship, and you need to position it to mine tokens. Navigating the galaxy can be done by ‘linking up’ with other spaceships. When other players use your spaceship, you earn MUST. The good thing about the game is that it runs entirely on a layer2 solution. So there won’t be any crazy gas fees. 

Learn more about Cometh here

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