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Fortified Land Plots Seemingly Set in Stone

fortified defense castle screenshot concept art

It looks like Gala Games has made up their mind about the land plots in the upcoming tower defense game Fortified. In a development update they mentioned that ‘the land tiles have been defined and function flawlessly’. At the same time the developers now have several types of towers functional in their early version of the game.

Fortified is a tower defense game that uses NFTs to give players additional defenses against incoming enemies. At the moment Arrow Towers are available in the Fortified Store, while node owners receive extra towers as well. Fortified will feature different towers, aimed at single targets, areas of effect or performing aura attacks. Each of these towers can be upgraded.

However, Gala Games will enhance the tower defense experience of Fortified by giving players the option to own land plots. They are now defining the plots of land in varying sizes. These lands have various points of entry that require defending. Beyond these points, enemies take the most direct path to your stronghold. Therefore players need to keep that in mind when defending their land.

Gala Games promised to drop more towers to Gala Games Node Operators. Ultimately the NFTs for Fortified will come to Binance Smart Chain. Above a tech demo that shows some of the unit logic. Obviously the final game will look better than this. It’s not 1996.

What is Fortified?

Fortified is a competitive Tower Defense game set in a fantastical medieval world. In game, players will be able to compete with one another to build the best tower defense strategies, utilizing everything from basic arrows and archery to the arcane arts. Players also get to train their troops, empowering their NFTs in some way.

Compete with players on your own terms on your own land, or meet on neutral territory to battle. Ownership of assets is part of the game, but those without land or NFTs will still be able to join. Everybody can play, compete, potentially earning part of the prize pool.

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