What is Yield Farming?

Yield farming is the activity to optimize your crypto rewards by putting your money in the right pool. This generates certain returns in the form of additional cryptocurrencies. It’s a concept seen in every Decentralized Finance or DeFi project.

Yield farming protocols reward liquidity providers to stake and lock their crypto assets in a smart contract-based liquidity pool. For example, first users provide liquidity in the ETH-DAI pool, and then they stake their acquired ETH-DAI LP tokens in a smart contract. This will earn these users a certain token, like for example SUSHI from SushiSwap.

Yield farmers who take high risks, put their money in newly established pools in order to have the highest return on their investment, Annual Percentage Yield or APY. Users who take low risk, put their money in established projects or liquidity pools.

  • MoonieNFT Extends Moonchest Claiming with a Few Days

    MoonieNFT has decided to extend the claiming period for their Moonchest with a few days, while granting all those who claim a chest with a free Moonie NFT. The claiming period will now end on August 28th, following by an announcement about their Initial DEX Offering (IDO) one day later. The MoonieNFT project is still […]
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  • MaidCoin Merging NFT Collecting with DeFi

    MaidCoin is an upcoming DeFi project with elements of NFT collecting and gamification. Above all it taps into gaming culture as the entire ecosystem uses anime, NFT collecting and gamified DeFi. MaidCoin allows NFT holders to earn passive income simply from holding these assets in their wallet. In essence we don’t write a lot about […]
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  • Cheap Cometh Spaceship NFTs As Start into $150,000 Tournament

    Yield farming game Cometh on the Polygon blockchain has introduced $10 M.U.L.E. spaceships, alongside a $150,000 competitive tournament. The cheap spaceship serve as an introduction into the game, and players also receive a bit of MUST. These new recruits can join regular $1,000 Cometh playground mining battles. Using a M.U.L.E. spaceship gamers can battle for […]
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  • DungeonSwap To Gamify DeFi with Table Top RPG

    DungeonSwap is next level gamification of finance, as it wants to combine table-top role playing games with DeFi, or decentralized finance. Yes, you earn DND tokens (no joke) and NFTs will help you along the way to take on quests. However, for now it’s a geeky themed DeFi protocol on the Binance Smart Chain. I […]
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  • Cometh Updates Add Solar Systems and More

    The DeFi-powered space mining game Cometh has received some many different updates in recent days, it feels like we’re talking about a different game now. They introduced Solar Systems, tripling the game field and doubling the rewards. In addition the team launched ComethSwap, partnered with BadgerDAO and created a rental service for NFTs on the […]
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  • Another DeFi NFT Project Moving to Polygon

    Alpaca City has followed other DeFi NFT projects from the Ethereum blockchain to layer-2 solution Polygon. Important reasons for making this step are the lower gas fees, but also because the Opensea marketplace fully supports the Polygon blockchain. It makes the transition a no-brainer for Alpaca City. In recent months we’ve seen a variety of […]
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  • Animoca To Add Exclusive NFT Drops to SuperFarm

    Animoca Brands and SuperFarm are partnering up to launch exclusive NFT drops and farms based around some of Animoca’s brands. Users who will participate in these farming pool, will have a chance to acquire NFT collectibles. One of the first confirmed projects is Lympo. Lympo started as a fitness application, but is now moving towards […]
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  • Cometh Gives More Insight in Play-to-Earn Revenue

    In Cometh users fly their spaceships around to farm tokens, and now they’ve revealed the revenue from their play-to-earn DeFi mechanics. The Cometh leaderboards show how much yield a wallet made, and which spaceships are farming the most. At the moment the rewards only show the earnings from MATIC tokens, but Cometh will add more […]
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  • SuperFarm Brings NFT Farming to Immutable X

    SuperFarm has announced that it will use Immutable X to bring cheap NFT minting and trading to its users. SuperFarm is a cross-chain DeFi protocol that allows users to create crypto and NFT farms. That would mean that staking and earning NFTs will become a lot cheaper through this service. The idea of SuperFarm is […]
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  • What is This Cometh DeFi Game?

    What is this Cometh game, and what does it have to do with DeFi? If you’re checking the rankings on OpenSea regularly, you will definitely have noticed some newcomers in the list. Cometh is one of them. In the past week the project had more than 250 ETH in trading on the secondary market. That’s […]
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