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Async Art Changes Tune with Async Music

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Blockchain-powered art platform Async Art has announced a new product called Async Music. This project taps into the concept that NFT owners can alter the music of a digital artwork. One artwork can be owned by multiple people, and each of them can alter a different element.

Each Async Music NFT consists out of one Mastertrack NFT and up to nine different Stem NFTs. Each of these Stem NFTs has a maximum of nine different states. As a result there can be 362.880 different variations of a mastertrack.

The current state of these stems, determined by their individual owners, create the mastertrack. Yes, that means that the mastertrack can change all the time based on somebody’s choice, or programmable through the time of the day, the weather of the price of bitcoin going up or down.

Things get even a bit crazier. The album cover can also change based on the Stem NFTs. This gives Async Music both an audio and a visual element. They describe it as interactive music.

“This is a method of interacting with music, connecting with the musician, and communicating with other fans in ways you’ve never been able to before. This is another beginning for programmable media”, Async wrote in their announcement blog.

Music NFTs on the rise

As mainstream media and celebrities pay more attention to the blockchain market and NFTs, we are finally seeing developments in the audio space. Music NFTs are slowly becoming a real thing. NFT pioneers like ConnieDigital have been combining various art forms in their NFTs, including music. Catalog tries to disrupt.

Last month Euler Beats made a major splash into the blockchain community, introducing on-chain generated music and art into one single NFT. At the same time Gala Games is planning to let their community create and sell in-game music for the upcoming online game Mirandus.

During the February NFT hype we’ve also seen a variety of famous dj making their moves into the blockchain space. 3LAU has been active for many months, and he made $11.6 million selling art and songs. Deadmau5 has been busy, while Steve Aoki sold some NFT art earlier this month.

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