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League of Kingdoms Opened Competitive Battlefield Portal

league of kingdoms battlefield portal map

The blockchain-powered strategy game League of Kingdoms now allows players from different game worlds to compete on a battlefield. Every server is fighting under their own banner, allowing more political intrige, while also earning great rewards in terms of resources. League of Kingdoms is available in your browser, and on iOS and Android mobile devices.

In League of Kingdoms each player has their own kingdom. They gather resources and defeat enemies to earn items that improve their resource production, defenses or offensive capabilities. Kingdoms can join an Alliance, which provide a buff for all players in that group. Obviously these alliances normally compete with each other to claim shrines. However, during the Battlefield mode everybody from the same server collaborates.

Players collect points by gathering resources, hunting monsters, slaying enemies. The continent with the most points will ultimately win the tournament. The Battlefield tournament lasts for a total of 5 days. The last day of the event is the ultimate battle as players compete for citadels, shrines and of course congress. The winning continent will enjoy rewards on the battlefield island, while the rest of the continents will be removed.

What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms is a multiplayer online strategy game for Android, iOS and PC. Players need to work together by making their alliance more powerful. Each players rules their own kingdom. In addition players are free to buy virtual land and generate passive income by developing that land.

The strategy game also has a play-to-earn mechanic. Gamers can gather resources, mint them to the blockchain and sell them for money. It’s a simple mechanic, available to every player without investing any money. However, in order to mint players do need to pay for the gas fee.

In the world of League of Kingdoms players need to gather resources and fight their opponents. There are special events that incentivizes conflict. For example, everybody wants to own a Shrine, which can be conquered during special events. The result is a war in which everybody is battling. Soldiers will perish, and players will need to acquire resources to improve or repair their army.

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