Another DeFi NFT Project Moving to Polygon

alpaca city

Alpaca City has followed other DeFi NFT projects from the Ethereum blockchain to layer-2 solution Polygon. Important reasons for making this step are the lower gas fees, but also because the Opensea marketplace fully supports the Polygon blockchain. It makes the transition a no-brainer for Alpaca City.

In recent months we’ve seen a variety of NFT-based projects make the move to Polygon. Neon District benefits from fast transactions and cheaper minting, while projects like Cometh and MegaCryptoPolis have deeper DeFi mechanics.

Those expecting the transitions tomorrow, will be disappointed. Alpaca City and Polygon have finished their talks, and will now get all technicalities in place. They expect to have Alpaca City live on Polygon, formerly known as Matic, in four to eight weeks.

Polygon is a blockchain solution that uses validators instead of PoW mining. As a result transactions are faster and cheaper. Lower gas fees comes with the benefit that users can breed and acquire more Alpaca NFTs. This in turn will mean that more users will burn more ALPA tokens. However, each of those Alpaca NFTs generates yield, paid in ALPA.

The value of ALPA has been increasing a lot recently. Even though it’s not something unique in the current bull market, seeing an asset grow 400 percent in a week does stand out.

What is Alpaca City?

Alpaca City is a virtual city where collectible and breedable alpacas can be combined with decentralized finance. Every digital alpaca has unique genetic traits, and by breeding players can create new alpacas. Each of these alpacas is an NFT, a digital asset that the owners saves in their own cryptocurrency wallet.

These alpacas have the ability to generate ALPA yield by managing your digital assets. Alpaca City is literally meant to gamify decentralized finance. Currently there are already six generations of Alpaca’s on the Ethereum blockchain, while the ‘game’ is also available on the Binance Smart Chain. Alpaca City could be an ideal onboarding mechanism for consumers into the world of decentralized finance. 

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