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Grumpy Cat NFT Sold for $83.000 on Foundation

grumpy cat NFT foundation

In another surprise move, Grumpy Cat made feline history post-mortem as the first internet-famous cat to sell an NFT. On upcoming NFT marketplace Foundation an ‘original remastered Grumpy Cat image’ sold for 44.2 ETH or more than $83 thousand. Again, showing the internet culture and memes can have real-world value.

Grumpy Cat become internet famous in September 2012 through a post on Reddit. The cat is still very popular, proven by his 2.5 million followers on Instagram. Even though the grumpy kitten passed away in December 2019.

During her life Grumpy Cat came on TV, appeared in books, video games, and more branding deals you can imagine. Having that grumpy face as an NFT is just another step in the marketing mill, so it appears.

Foundation and memes

Foundation is one of the upcoming NFT marketplaces that’s doing a lot of things right. Every artwork sold on Foundation, is sold through an auction. That way there’s always something new to be found.

There also seems to be a trend where older memes find their way on the Foundation marketplace. Right now there’s an auction for the dress, you know, the one people see in different colors. Last month Nyan Cat sold for $602.000, basically opening the doors to many other meme projects to enter the scene.

Even though there’s only one truly native blockchain meme: Rare Pepe. Rare Pepe art has been a part of crypto culture before we were even talking about NFTs. These artworks were minted on the Bitcoin blockchain using a system called Counterparty (XCP). Artnome did a very nice history lesson about this, so be sure to read more in his blog.

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