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Pranksy Announced NFT Boxes with Collectibles

pranksy NFT Boxes announcement

Digital collector Pranksy has revealed a loot box project for digital collectibles and crypto art, which he named NFT Boxes. The project comes in the slipstream of his advent calendar, which turned out to be a popular attraction among NFT enthusiasts. NFT Boxes will launch soon on a monthly basis.

According to Pranksy the very first loot box for NFT Boxes will have 500 editions. Each of these comes with a combination of digital collectibles, game assets and crypto art. Pranksy is aiming to deliver 10 to 12 items per box, but the distribution percentages per category remain private.

The NFT Boxes can’t remain sealed. Upon purchase all token-holders will receive their rewards. Pranksy expects that he will spend 40 percent of the sales on minting and sending the collectibles. These costs are high, because each of the collectibles will be completely on-chain as ERC-721s thanks to the support from Infinity Tokens (InfiNFT).

Pricing for the Genesis NFT Boxes will be revealed soon.

Pranksy: one of the best flippers

Even though Pranksy’s identity is unknown, he’s quite a public figure on Twitter. Currently he has over six thousand followers and actively tweets about his successful trades and purchases. Currently he’s one of the biggest collectors of NBA Top Shot, while he recently did a legendary flip on Cryptopunk 3831. He basically sold the overpriced punk in fragments, bought it back at a lower rate an then sold it again for almost double the acquisition costs.

He’s also the collector who often buys multiple copies of artworks on Rarible, and then immediately sells them at a profit. Some will hate, while others love him. Nonetheless the Pranksy Advent Calendar was a nice way for collectors to acquire 24 digital assets for one set price. This was the project that spread positivity, which seems to be the line he wants to continuate.

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