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megacube x playtoearn

Play to Earn Online Magazine has partnered with Polygonal Minds for their upcoming virtual experience MegaCube. Play to Earn will provide prizes, and those who chip away blocks from the MegaCube have a chance to win. The mining experience will launch on January 29th inside the virtual world Decentraland.

This virtual social experiment requires citizens of the metaverse to chip away blocks from a gigantic cube. While doing that, they will be able to find prizes within these cubes. At the very center of the MegaCube there will be a mega prize, but only one miner will be lucky enough to win it. Entering the world of Decentraland is free, but requires users to create a wallet.

Aside from Play to Earn, there are plenty of other partners. Among them are projects like for example Avastars, Ethermon, and Art Blocks. In addition Polygonal Mind will announce more partnerships in the coming weeks as a build-up to the multiplayer mining experience inside Decentraland. More information about MegaCube can be found on the official website.

Megacube announced last month

Polygonal Mind announced MegaCube in December. The developers will place a gigantic cube inside Decentraland. Players will need to chip away smaller cubes, as a result removing layer by layer. Amidst the smaller cubes there all kinds of smaller prizes, but at the core of the MegaCube there’s a big prize. “The person who manages to grab that final prize will start 2021 with a good foot”, game developer Daniel “ToxSam” Garcia told Play to Earn.

The developer was inspired by the British game designer Peter Molyneux, who launched a similar experience – titled Curiosity – on mobile phones back in 2012. With Curiosity it took months before someone reached the final cube, but the winner never received his prize. MegaCube is doing things differently thanks to the power of the blockchain. Players will automatically earn prizes without the need of any e-mail communication with the developers. “I’m not so sure about the ending of the MegaCube”, Garcia said. It might be weeks, days or hours. It all depends on the number of players showing up.

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