Matic Supports Play to Earn Game Festival

Play to Earn Game Festival and Matic Network

Matic Network has announced their support for the Play to Earn Game Festival. They will provide a $200 worth of MATIC tokens for an amazing giveaway. Matic sees gaming as a perfect way to on-board more mainstream people into crypto, and the Play to Earn Game Festival is just the type of event embracing that philosophy.

The Play to Earn Game Festival takes place in Cryptovoxels, which is accessible through mobile and desktop devices. Users don’t need to login. All they need is a link in their social media feed to enter and enjoy everything the festival has to offer.

“We are proud to see The Sandbox Game and Synergy of Serra, two partner projects, taking a star role in the festival. This will showcase our ecosystems strength and put us on the map in many ways”, wrote the Matic Network in a statement on social media.

Play to Earn will organize a cool puzzle / riddle / escape room experience. More details about this strange giveaway will be shared next week, on Monday November 2nd.

The Play to Earn Game Festival is taking place from November 2nd until November 13th. Every day there’s a different line-up of games about which visitors can learn through short explanatory videos. Gamers can win can enjoy airdrops of the PLAY token, while joining in raffles for different game assets. There’s more than $5000 in prizes up for grabs!

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