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Neon District Migrated to Matic Network

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Blockade Games has migrated Neon District to the Matic Network. Users are now able to freely trade assets without the need for those ridiculous gas fees on the Ethereum network. However, there’s still a bridge with the Ethereum network to make sure all assets are unique and users can confirm ownership.

According to the Matic block explorer there are 1623 cryptocurrency addresses holding one or more assets from Neon District. This first step onto the Matic Network only allows users to trade assets. However, players need to wait longer for actual gameplay.

Neon District will use the Matic Network for parts of its gameplay, like for example loot distribution. In addition storage and trading of in-game items will be done on the second-layer network.

Somewhere by the end of October the studio wants to allow full character customization, while they scheduled player combat for the end of this year. By December Neon District should also introduce full play-to-earn mechanics, allowing everybody to contribute to their cyberpunk universe.

Originally Neon District was releasing in October 2019. They delayed the game, and in January Blockade Games decided to postpone the game for another six months. The official Season One probably won’t release until 2021.

What is Neon District?

Neon District is a cyberpunk-themed turn based role playing game. The story-driven game takes place in a dystopian future. Player are part of a rebellion fighting an authoritarian regime. Players get to level up their characters by doing missions, while they have a chance of obtaining better gear as well.

Thanks to the integration with the Matic Network, these game assets can be traded freely on an in-game marketplace. That way gamers don’t have to deal with gas fees while playing Neon District. Players can acquire gear through gameplay. They also need these digital items to progress in the game.

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