Awesome Prizes at Play to Earn Game Festival

play to earn game festival prizes

On November 2nd the Play to Earn Game Festival will begin, and visitors can win awesome prizes through our raffles. Each of the games will have its own raffle, and only those who have gone through the educational instruction video are able to join. In total there will be thousands of dollars worth of prizes up for grabs.

Thanks to our amazing supports, we’re happy to announce that visitors of the Play to Earn Game Festival can win thousands of dollars worth of prizes. For example, we’re giving away LAND for The Sandbox, $130 a piece. There’s even a very rare Care Bear up for grabs. You can also get a 1% share of ownership in a virtual football club thanks to Soccer Manager Elite, while Axie Infinity is giving away a MEO II Axie! The list continues with Genesis Rare Chests for Gods Unchained, novice gen 1 golfers for Blocklete Golf and Digital Alpha packs for the upcoming role playing game Chainmonsters.

Wait. That’s it?

No, of course not silly. In addition Nine Chronicles is handing out dozens of kits to give you a boost into their newly launched game. The Six Dragons is giving away ten founder’s tokens, Taurion a large vehicle (of which there will be only two), Gala Games offers deeds for their upcoming game Mirandus and Splinterlands has a whole bunch of packs, including a very rare $90 card! I didn’t even list everything we’re giving away, and the total value is over 5000 dollars.

In addition we will be dropping PLAY tokens to the visitors. At random moments (announced on Twitter and in our Discord channel) there will be airdrops on site at the festival at the PLAY token dispensary. Visit, click and claim. Easy!

How does it work?

At the Play to Earn Game Festival there are five arcade machines. Each of them will show information about a different game, teaching visitors about the game’s gameplay and play-to-earn economy. At the end of each video there’s a code, which changes daily. This code is needed to join in the raffle.

Every game will be on display following a certain rotation, for example one game can be shown on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. During that time visitors can join that particular raffle. If you miss out on a game, no worries… it will likely return later in the week.

Picking winners won’t happen until the end of the game festival. Every visitors can only join once, and those who are caught cheating will be removed from the raffle.

One daily raffle!

However, there’s one raffle that will happen EVERY day. Synergy of Serra is our partner for the game festival. Bagni, one of the characters from their upcoming trading card game, towers on the roof of the Play to Earn Game Festival. On that same roof visitors will find the Synergy of Serra arcade machine.

Synergy of Serra will be giving away 2 card packs to 5 winners every day. That means that we’re giving away 120 card packs during the Play to Earn Game Festival. Every day we will pick five winners. After that the raffle will start all over. You need to visit daily to be able to join the raffle every day!

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