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Immutable X To Push Ethereum Forward

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Australian game company Immutable will offer their scaling solution Immutable X to all developers worldwide in an effort to improve the Ethereum ecosystem. Developers and gamers can use Immutable X to mint non-fungible tokens and exchange digital assets, and the developer built all this on top of Ethereum.

“Sidechains suck, and switching away from Ethereum to another blockchain was, and still is, laughable”, Immutable tweeted. They’ve developed Immutable X in collaboration with Starkware Ltd, known for their STARK zero-knowledge proof systems.

According to the developers users, developers and NFT projects ‘no longer need to worry about scaling, while retaining the security of mainnet Ethereum’. The emphasize that nobody has to pay gas fees for minting or exchanging assets.

“This is how Ethereum wins.”

Immutable, October 21st 2020 (Twitter)

The creation of Immutable X is the result of increasing gas fees on the Ethereum blockchain. Many cards for Gods Unchained are worth just a dollar. Doubling that price to sell or buy such a card makes no sense, and thus gas fees are destroying the game’s economy. Immutable announced Immutable X in May this year.

Some interesting features

Taking a quick look at the website of Immutable, gives some insight in what to expect from Immutable X. The engine supports over 9 thousand transactions per second. That’s not even close to VISA’s 65 thousand transactions per second, but surely beats Ethereum’s 15 TPS. Minting, buying, selling and transferring assets works always instantly, they promise.

Obviously Immutable X supports the trading card game Gods Unchained. Because minting is free, it’s likely that we will see new gameplay mechanisms arise. Think about merging existing cards into one new card. In interesting mechanic the developer mentioned on their website, is Metadata Orders. It allows a person to say that they want to buy any card with a certain rarity for a set price. Other users will then be able to sell a card based on the open order.

What is Gods Unchained?

Gods Unchained is a collectible card game built on the Ethereum blockchain. The blockchain stores all ownership of the cards, giving players full ownership over their own set of cards. Players earn digital cards by playing the game. When they have two identical cards they’ll be able to mint these into one blockchain-based card. We call these cards non-fungible tokens, and the owners can trade, sell, lend, borrow, or use them in the game itself.

Future game mechanics will allow users to create limited edition cards from older cards, making existing cards more rare. In addition Gods Unchained can be enjoyed free-to-play, while players are able to earn cards by being active players. True play-to-earn mechanics there!

Gods Unchained will be present at the Play to Earn Game Festival. Keep an eye on this website and our social media for more details.

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