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Gods Unchained Gets Non-Custodial Exchange Platform

immutable x ethereum solution

Immutable is working on a decentralized, low-fee and non-custodial exchange for their trading card game Gods Unchained. This exchange will be able to handle over 200 million NFT transactions per day. The game studio is working together with StarkWare on the project, which has been named Immutable X.

The reasons for introducing their own exchange is scalability. The studio wants to scale up the promotion for Gods Unchained this year, and therefore they need an infrastructure that’s capable of minting and trading thousands of assets daily. Even though they will keep using Ethereum, the main net alone simply won’t be enough.

Players will be able to directly mint Gods Unchained cards and trinkets onto the Immutable X exchange. Within this ecosystem there are hardly any transaction costs. When players want, they can move items away from Immutable X and for example sell them to traders on OpenSea.

What is this solution?

StarkWare has created a second-layer solution. Their work has proven to be able to process nine thousand peer-to-peer trades per second. If Immutable X really makes 200 million trades per day, it will be consuming less than 30 percent of Ethereum’s capacity.

The studio will use Immutable X for sales, but the users can also use the platform for peer-to-peer third party trading. The only criterium is that the traded assets needs to be from within the Immutable ecosystem. This suggests the game studio could create partnerships with other games, as well as make more games themselves.

The studio underlines that the exchange is non-custodial. Which means that users will always have full control over their digital assets.

Gods Unchained Season 1 is coming

The launch of the first season for Gods Unchained is right around the corner. It’s called Trial of the Gods. In this expansion each of the gods has selected a champion that will fight in their name. Each of these champions comes with two powerful cards that tie into their story.

In the case of Lysander, his Trial card is about overcoming an enemy attack and empowering his army, while his Triumph card has not been revealed yet. This Triumph card might has something to do with the spear he threw to kill a demon general, or with the divine intervention that prevent his certain death.

Trial of the Gods is expected to launch with a few months. The expansion will be an update for the game. Before launch Immutable will sell Season 1 card packs. These cards will only be available for a limited time. The Genesis season already sparked lots of interest. In December a one-of-a-kind card was sold for 31 thousand dollars (210 ETH). Future game mechanics will allow users to create limited edition cards from older cards, making existing cards more rare.

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