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Crusader’s Dynasty Coming June 2021

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The medieval battle royale game Crusader’s Dynasty is launching on Steam in June 2021. In the online battle game players use their champions to kill bosses and opponents while acquiring better loot. These game items are stored to the player’s wallet using the Phantasma blockchain.

Crusader’s Dynasty embraces both competitive and collaborative gameplay elements. Players need to find better weapons, gear, and abilities, while their team needs to have tanks, damage dealers and healers as well.

Gamers will be able to earn or buy in-game items, including mounts and weapons. In addition players can trade items with others, selling their loot to the highest bidder.

What is Crusader’s Dynasty?

Crusader’s Dynasty is a medieval fantasy battle royale game with PVP and PVE gameplay elements. Players can find weapons, items and mounts. In addition there are bosses to defeat, guilds to group up with and several champions to level up. For example, there’s a crusader and a plague doctor.

In the game world players can fight animals, humans, orcs, demons and bosses to acquire loot. However, enemy teams can always jump in and try to steal your boss kill. While playing, gamers can choose different modes: battle royale, ranked battle royale and capture the flag. Every mode requires teamwork to survive and win.

Phantasma slowly growing

Phantasma isn’t a very big project, but it’s a blockchain project that’s all about bridging the gaps. Interoperability between different blockchain systems is key for them, and in addition the platform allows for an infinite amount of sidechains. This provides scaling solutions for bigger projects.

When it comes to gaming, they have built a Steam bridge with their Pavillion NFT Marketplace. Any game on Steam can easily mint their in-game assets onto the blockchain through a simple SDK.

With 22 Racing Series they have their first flagship title. Their blockchain technology allows for different non-fungible tokens to function in or around games. Think about a token for time-limited access to a certain game, or minting a random NFT when a certain milestone has been reached by the player.

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