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Ghost Festival Coming to Phantasma Blockchain

Ghost Festival artwork iggynore

The gaming-oriented blockchain service Phantasma has partnered with game studio Amazu Media to bring Ghost Festival to the blockchain. The competitive casual game requires gamers to buy an unique ghost game character and a hammer, after which they can start customizing.

Gamers play the game as a ghost, who needs to hunt down and trap monsters and other creatures from the realm of the dead. Players can enhance their ghosts with items, and upgrade these items uses the in-game currency. These upgraded NFTs can also be sold on the open market.

Players can work together in teams or compete with each other. Ghost Festival will feature leaderboards and allows cross-play between desktop and mobile devices.

First gamers buy a Ghost game character and a hammer. Both will be available through GhostMarket initially, as well as additional platforms like OpenSea. However, this will only work when Phantasma’s cross chain NFT swapping capabilities goes live.

Amazu Media is a Danish indie game studio known for their work on the pc and mobile game Light Apprentice. Ghost Festival once again uses artwork from designer Iggynore, who often pays tribute in their designs to game, anime and comic book characters.

What is Phantasma Blockchain?

The developers made the Phantasma blockchain for gaming. Its SOUL token is the native currency across different projects, while transaction costs are extremely low. That makes Phantasma very suitable to deal for storing ownership over digital assets. These non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are available on the native Ghostmarket, but also other platforms on the Ethereum blockchain. This will be possible, because Phantasma will allow NFT swapping across different blockchain platforms.

Phantasma isn’t a very big project, but it’s a blockchain project that’s all about bridging the gaps. Interoperability between different blockchain systems is key for them, and in addition the platform allows for an infinite amount of sidechains. This provides scaling solutions for bigger projects.

When it comes to gaming, they have built a Steam bridge with their Pavillion NFT Marketplace. Any game on Steam can easily mint their in-game assets onto the blockchain through a simple SDK. With 22 Racing Series they have their first flagship title, while Crusader’s Dynasty also looks very interesting.

Their blockchain technology allows for different non-fungible tokens to function in or around games. Think about a token for time-limited access to a certain game, or minting a random NFT when a certain milestone has been reached by the player.

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