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Atari Shipping First Atari VCS Gaming Consoles

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Atari has started the shipping process of their Atari VCS blockchain-powered gaming console to supporters who crowdfunded the project two years ago. They plan to release the console this fall, but before that the Indiegogo backers are the first to receive the system. Atari has created six thousand collector’s edition models, exclusive for those early backers.

Shipping of the first batch of Atari VCS consoles starts by sending them to the distribution facility in the United States. From there the consoles will ship to individual backers. As a result the consoles will probably arrive somewhere in October.

There’s still no hard date on when the Atari VCS will be available in stores. The suggested price is around 400 dollars. Despite the Atari branding, this is now a retro console like the NES Mini. Instead it’s a high-end product for modern games, including blockchain games.

Atari VCS and blockchain gaming

The Atari VCS is an indication about how serious Atari is when it comes to the blockchain space. The company has their own Atari Token, invested in The Sandbox, partnered with Animoca Brands, and integrated blockchain-powered distribution platform Ultra into their console. The Atari VCS supports many classic Atari games, but also modern games and blockchain-powered games.

The legendary gaming company recently announced the system’s focus on blockchain gaming. The integration of the entire Ultra platform into the system is a clear example of that. This allows users to for example buy, download, play, and sell games.

Atari and Animoca Brands have recently expanded their partnership. As a result Animoca now has access to the global development and distribution rights for several brands including Pong, Asteroids and Centipede. The list also includes Breakout, Missile Command, Tempest, Lunar Lander, Space Duel, Agent X, Night Driver, Star Raiders and more. In total Animoca licensed 15 titles.

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