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Transformers Crypto Art Coming from José Delbo

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Comic book artist José Delbo is very likely to release crypto art based on Transformers. At the end of September he will drop new artworks on Makersplace, including a final work in the Battle Against Covid series. Delbo said on Twitter that he will share more details soon.

The Argentinian comic book artist didn’t explicitly mention Transformers. Instead he wrote about ‘one of [his] favorite series to illustrate’, and posted a screenshot of a Transformers comic book he worked on. This would be the first official crypto art based on the popular IP from Hasbro.

The art drop will be the third round of Delbo’s artworks on Makersplace. Earlier he sold work based on Superman, Batgirl, Aquaman and Wonder Woman. His first unique work ‘The Last Son of Krypton Fights for Human Kind’ sold for more than 8 thousand dollars.

What is crypto art and why is it valuable?

Crypto art is a piece of digital art that is tokenized on the blockchain as a non-fungible token. That means that the owner of the token will always hold a proven and original copy of a piece of art. Just like physical art, there can be unlimited copies. But ultimately there can only be one Mona Lisa.

Art in general is valued based on its aesthetics, but above all on the ability to verify the creator and the proven rarity. These two aspects are hard-coded into the blockchain. Everybody can see and confirm who minted these original creations.

In the end everything can be art. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a still image, moving image, video, music or a combination of everything. Thanks to the rise of cryptographic artworks, we’re also seeing a rise in three-dimensional digital creations on platforms like Superrare.

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