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Play-to-Earn Coming to Spells of Genesis

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The play-to-earn business model is coming to Spells of Genesis, one of the oldest blockchain-powered games on the market. Developer EverdreamSoft has partnered with MakerDAO and joined The Dai Gaming Initiative. Gamers will now be able to earn dollar-pegged DAI tokens simply by playing Spells of Genesis.

The collaboration between MakerDAO and Spells of Genesis will consist out of different events, taking place over multiple months. The first phase will launch this summer. On a monthly basis the developers want to giveaway more than 700 DAI.

Normally the best players already earn digital cards to use in the game or in-game gold. In addition the top players will earn between 5 and 25 DAI during the months July and August.

Spells of Genesis is considered one of the founding fathers of blockchain gaming. The first version of the game was running on the Bitcoin blockchain and already introduced NFTs to its players. However, after a small hiatus the developers decided to embrace the Ethereum blockchain.

The play-to-earn business model in Spells of Genesis allows players to earn some money while investing time into a game. In this case money should not be seen as currencies, but as value in particular. Everything the player earns, either DAI or cards, can ultimately be exchanged for other valuables.

For game developers it’s important to have gamers invested into their products, because that’s the only way for them to make money. In the play-to-earn business model players can earn items simply by playing, and then either use those items or sell them on the open market.

What is Spells of Genesis?

In Spells of Genesis players get to select a number of cards before each game. Each of these cards comes with certain powers. Moving from left to right each card gets a turn. On a turn players get to shoot a ball in an effort to destroy obstacles. Depending on the active card, a certain power is used. For example, fire balls can damage multiple targets while shield provides protection against incoming damage.

Amidst the player turns, hostiles also get to attack. They attack individual cards, which can lead to the infamous ‘game over’ message. Certain player cards work well against certain combinations of enemy powers. That’s why gamers need to obtain a variety of cards at the highest level possible.

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