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League of Kingdoms To Sell More Land Based on ROI

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This month League of Kingdoms will sell more virtual land for their online strategy game based on the rewards earned by the current landowners. Game studio Nplus Entertainment is using the return of investment (ROI) as a measurement. Once the ROI his a certain percentage, new land will be available on the marketplace.

Currently landowners have earned an accumulative amount of 15 thousand dollars. Landowners earn ten percent of the in-game earnings, split according to the development level of each land parcel. The more activity takes place on a land parcel, the higher its development level becomes.

The next land sale will take place on the Land Portal page. Nplus Entertainment has not mentioned an exact date, aside from September 2020. There will be land tokens for land levels one to six. They consider options for payments using fiat and creditcards, while they already support Ethereum and other ERC20 tokens. League of Kingdoms will sell more land once a new ROI milestone has been reached.

In the future more mechanics could be added to the land ecosystem. In a blog post Nplus Entertainment mentioned that they are working hard to add more decentralized finance to the game. Some of their options are staking rewards, collateralize virtual land, the introduction of new non-fungible tokens and even potential ERC-20 tokens.

What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms is a multiplayer online strategy game for Android, iOS and PC. The version for mobile devices was released just two weeks ago. Players need to work together by making their alliance more powerful. Each players rules their own kingdom. In addition players are free to buy virtual land and generate passive income by developing that land.

The strategy game also has a play-to-earn mechanic. Gamers can gather resources, mint them to the blockchain and sell them for money. It’s a simple mechanic, available to every player without investing any money. However, in order to mint players do need to pay for the gas fee.

The world of League of Kingdoms is filled with resource gathering and conflict. Alliances fight over resources and especially over control. Everybody wants to own a Shrine, which can be conquered during special events. The result is a war in which everybody is battling. Soldiers will perish.

There are plans to also release League of Kingdoms on other blockchains. However, currently the game only works on Ethereum. Give it a try!

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