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League of Kingdoms Reveals Land Sale Regions

league of kingdoms presale zones

During the next land sale League of Kingdoms will add six regions to the game world, increasing the total available land with approximately 37 percent. Nplus Entertainment will sell the remaining land parcels from Quadrant 2, while six zones get added in Quadrant 2. The land sale will commence on January 13th.

In Quadrant 1, which is the top right quarter of the map, only zones D5, D6, C4, C5 and B3 are for sale. In addition half of zone A2 is there as well. There are shrines in C4, C5, B3 and of course A2. The guilds who conquer the shrine in the A zones get to fight over Congress.

When the sale launches on January 13th, there will be a Dutch auction. The person who’s the first to put down money, will win the land. This 24 hour Dutch auction is followed by a normal sale, which will take one week. All land sales take place on the official League of Kingdoms land portal.

What is League of Kingdoms?

League of Kingdoms is a multiplayer online strategy game for Android, iOS and PC. Players need to work together by making their alliance more powerful. Each players rules their own kingdom. In addition players are free to buy virtual land and generate passive income by developing that land.

The strategy game also has a play-to-earn mechanic. Gamers can gather resources, mint them to the blockchain and sell them for money. It’s a simple mechanic, available to every player without investing any money. However, in order to mint players do need to pay for the gas fee.

In the world of League of Kingdoms players need to gather resources and fight their opponents. There are special events that incentivizes conflict. For example, everybody wants to own a Shrine, which can be conquered during special events. The result is a war in which everybody is battling. Soldiers will perish, and players will need to acquire resources to improve or repair their army.

This strategy game basically consists out of five different layers:

  1. Blockchain – The game is currently running on the Ethereum blockchain. Players can own a land parcel, which would be the same location on every server.
  2. Land – Land is non-fungible virtual real estate stored on the blockchain. Players can earn, play, trade using the land.
  3. Kingdoms – Kingdoms function on top of the land. A kingdom can become a prosperous city state with a powerful army.
  4. Alliance – An alliance is a clan with multiple kingdoms. Diplomacy, trade relations and governance of the continent play a role here.
  5. Congress – Continental congress is a group of chosen leaders that govern the entire continent. They decide on rewards, dividends, and many other things inside the game.

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