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Upcoming NFT Marketplace Allows Bulk Buying

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A development group called Ghostdevs is working on a cross-chain NFT marketplace that supports bulk buying. Ghostmarket supports Phantasma and NEO. In addition the marketplace will embrace two yet to be announced blockchain projects.

Bulk buying NFT assets is a very interesting feature for gamers and collectors. Currently – especially on the Ethereum blockchain – buyers need to pay a transaction fee for each object they purchase. Even a 1 dollar game asset can come with a 2 dollar fee. That’s why bulk buying is interesting. In addition it’s more similar to the way shopping websites like Amazon work.

For now Ghostmarket only supports Phantasma and NEO. The first one is a very new project, while NEO’s addition is quite remarkable. Currently there are only a handful of project on NEO using non-fungible tokens. However, ultimately the development team wants to embrace every major blockchain into their marketplace. This would mean that Ethereum, Tron, WAX and EOS will also come to Ghostmarket at some point.

Ghostmarket also allows users to login using multiple wallets at once. When multiple wallets are being used, the account view will show a combined version of all wallet balances. Users can select a main wallet for buying, while selling can still happen from each individual wallet.

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What is a non-fungible token or NFT?

A non-fungible token is digital data that confirms through blockchain technology that a certain piece of data is unique. There’s only one version of each non-fungible token. Where 1 bitcoin is the same as every other 1 bitcoin, that’s not the case with a non-fungible token. Every non-fungible token is unique. That makes them very useful for digital art, in-game items and other forms of contractual ownership.

Two months ago Niftex launched, which is an exchange for shared ownership over non-fungible tokens. This works because they put a certain NFT behind a smart contract, and then split it into so-called shards. Each shard represents a piece of ownership, and when someone has enough shards full ownership can be claimed through a buy-out.

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