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Game Distribution Platform Ultra Launching Testnet

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Video game distribution platform Ultra has completed the development of its protocols and is ready to undergo real-world testing through a public testnet. The platform will be working on its own version based on the EOSIO protocol and will launch on testnew this August.

Ultra Games will be free to use for all kinds of users without prior knowledge of blockchain technology. Ultra doesn’t want users to go through complicated onboarding processes involving cryptocurrencies, wallets and other technical hurdles. That’s why all Ultra users will have free accounts. In addition there are no transaction fees on the platform. Even though it’s based on EOSIO, they system Ultra has developed has been labelled UOS.

Ultra Games is a PC games distribution platform that is meant to be accessed by millions of mainstream consumers. Blockchain technology enables us to provide them with new opportunities, such as innovative rewarding interactions, new community experiences, collecting truly rare assets, or creating and monetizing their own user generated content.

We shouldn’t mistake the launch of Ultra on testnet for a full product launch. Even though the company will reveal more details about the test later on, it’s unlikely that the Ultra testnet will support actual game sales.

Already 150 companies involved

Ultra hasn’t only been developing, but they’ve also been testing their software internally. Over 150 companies have been trying their game distribution platform during a closed beta. Whether every studio involved in the closed beta will also launch their products on Ultra, remains to be seen. Ubisoft officially announced their involvement as a business partner in November.

In December computer hardware manufacturer AMD partnered with blockchain-based video game distribution platform Ultra as well. The two companies will cooperate on the marketing activities, including contests and events to promote the use of Ultra.

Benefits for developers

By using Ultra developers are able to upload game builds and create the rules through which these games are sold and distributed. Developers decide on the most efficient way to distribute games to their fans. They earn revenue from every sale without delay, and compared with other distribution platforms, the fees are quite low.

Ultra lets developers customize several parameters, like for example the option to allow secondary market trading. Developers also have the power to decide when to allow reselling, for how long, and the revenue cut they want on this resale. The system stores all these settings into a token, which goes on sale in the Ultra store. In addition developers control the region in which builds are available. They can set a maximum amount of copies allowed for sale. This can create an interesting revenue opportunity when developers for example release limited edition downloadable content.

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