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Cryptovoxels Allows Minting Wearables Again

cryptovoxels wearables

After many months of absence Cryptovoxels has re-enabled the option to mint digital clothes and other wearables. The developers are now working through a backlog of request, which will probably take them a few days. Earlier this year the developers shutdown the minting functionality due to extremely high gas prices on the Ethereum blockchain.

According to a tweet, each minting object costs them $2.50. However, they consider it a service to the community. In addition they govern what gets minted, so not every creation will make onto the blockchain.

Avatars in Cryptovoxels are based on the wooden posable mannequins often used by artists. These provide an empty canvas for users to decorate. Dressing them with voxel-based assets isn’t a simple click and drag though, because Cryptovoxels provides the freedom to position and resize all the wearables.

When you’re logged in to Cryptovoxels using your Metamask or other Web3 wallet servce, you’ll need to go to your account options. Here you’ll find a tab for your Skin, which determines which of the 44 body parts are visible. In addition there’s a costumes tab, where users can tie acquired wearables to any body part. So, technically you can wear a shoe your head and a pair of glasses on your butt. Yes. *sigh*

What is Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is best compared with games like Minecraft, in which players get to build all kinds of things. However, where Minecraft is purely a video game, Cryptovoxels allows for all kinds of utilities. Currently this virtual world is often home to virtual reality conferences and computer-generated art. On top of that users have true land ownership in this world, secured by the Ethereum blockchain.

Land value in Cryptovoxels has increased tremendously in the past two years. Ben Nolan started developing his virtual world in 2018, and had a difficulty selling the land parcels he offered on a weekly basis. He accumulated over one million dollars with his blockchain project.

This Spring Cryptovoxels sold out its Origin City and they have been adding additional smaller island. These sold out relatively fast. In addition they’ve been adding support for VR headsets, while they’ve ditched the native COLR token. Anybody can visit Cryptovoxels, from any device. Once they for example connect their Metamask wallet to the game, users can register user names, buy wearables, or even acquire a land parcel.

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