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The Sandbox Reveals How To Travel Through Their World

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The Sandbox has revealed the first details on how to travel through their virtual world. There will be portals that connect lands with each other. Individual lands are connected by simple teleports. Special teleportation portals allow gamers to travel long distances to their favorite gaming hubs.

Before I explain more, it’s important to know that The Sandbox is a virtual world made out of 166.464 piece of land. Landowners can bundle these lands into an estate, so it becomes one bigger piece of land. Each piece of land or bundle of land is an creative sandbox where landowners can make a game, an art gallery, a virtual home, a shop, a museum, or anything else they want.

Each of these experiences is loaded as an instance. Upon entering a piece land, you’ll be teleported to the spawn point. This is a location chosen by the designer of the creation on the land. However, players can always walk to one of the four edges of the land and jump into a neighboring piece of land. If you want to travel to the other side of The Sandbox, this method will take some time.

That’s where portals come into play. Portals are a way to fast-travel across the metaverse of The Sandbox. Through these portals any point in the virtual world can be accessed. The Sandbox is trying to create neighborhoods, and the portals are the subway system. ‘You can get on the subway and walk the last couple of blocks to your destination’, as they put it. For now, these portals are only planned for lands owned by The Sandbox itself. However, ultimately everybody will be able to host portals on their land.

What is The Sandbox?

The Sandbox is one of the blockchain-powered virtual worlds currently in development. The beta test will launch later this year, but before that time there will be one more pre-sale. During this pre-sale gamers, businesses and investors can buy virtual land with a discount. You can register now to make sure you’re not missing out.

The virtual world of The Sandbox consists out of lands, and voxels fill up each of those lands. Visually it will remind many gamers of Minecraft, as both games have this Lego-inspired look to them. However, players are able to buy virtual land and implement any form of monetization. These virtual lands can become mini-games, adventures, virtual shops, extensions of actual webshops, a space for social gatherings, and so on.

TSB Gaming is providing free tools for developers, gamers and content creators. Creators can use VoxEdit to make objects. In addition the Game Maker allows users to create interactivity on their virtual land. TSB Gaming will also create a meta gaming experience. Players can for example do daily quests or weekly quests for their guild.

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