Neon District Boss Turns Herself into NFT

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Neon District studio boss and crypto puzzle creator Marguerite deCourcelle has embraced a social experiment to tokenize her online persona ‘coin_artist’ as an NFT. This will allow investors to buy shares of her brand. As a result she hopes to create a social network ‘where roleplaying and world building establishes a deeper gaming and digital asset ownership experience’.

deCourcelle has already minted a non-fungible token on Opensea. She needs this token to be able to split it into shards through the Niftex exchange. This in turn would give investors, enthusiasts and creatives ownership over her online identity. The Blockade Games boss is calling the group of investors a syndicate, named Coin’s E-Den.

Coin’s E-Den will also be the first syndicate in the upcoming cyberpunk role playing game Neon District. Based on the amount of shards a person has, he has a certain access level. Syndicate members can earn shards by participating in discussions, votes and playing Neon District.

deCourcelle emphasized that this concept is highly experimental. She calls the project a personal social experiment. Only because she’s the boss of Blockade Games, there will be some in-game functionalities for the COIN shards into Neon District as well.

There’s a plan to create a total shard supply of 347 thousand for the NFT of the Neon District boss. She announced that she will give away shards to Blockade Games studio members and valuable contributors at her own discretion. In addition investors who own a Neon District Trophy or a Neon District God Key will receive 347 COIN. More details about the supply and price per shard will be available at a later date.

What is a non-fungible token or NFT?

A non-fungible token is digital data that confirms through blockchain technology that a certain piece of data is unique. There’s only one version of each non-fungible token. Where 1 bitcoin is the same as every other 1 bitcoin, that’s not the case with a non-fungible token. Every non-fungible token is unique. That makes them very useful for digital art, in-game items and other forms of contractual ownership.

Two months ago Niftex launched, which is an exchange for shared ownership over non-fungible tokens. This works because they put a certain NFT behind a smart contract, and then split it into so-called shards. Each shard represents a piece of ownership, and when someone has enough shards full ownership can be claimed through a buy-out.

What is Neon District?

Neon District is a cyberpunk-themed turn based role playing game. The story-driven game is set in a dystopian future, and it’s centered around rebels fighting an authoritarian regime. Players get to level up their characters by doing missions, while they have a chance of obtaining better gear as well.

Thanks to the integration with the Matic Network, these game assets can be traded freely on an in-game marketplace. That way gamers don’t have to deal with gas fees while playing Neon District. On Opensea there are already items available from a pre-sale back in October. For example, for 3.45 ETH you can buy 23 ultra rare items.

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