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Dissolution Getting Complete Overhaul

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The blockchain-powered shooter Dissolution has been taken offline, because the developers are planning a complete overhaul of the game. Garage Studios will take the public servers offline for a few weeks. When they are done, certain token-holders will have private access to the new version of Dissolution.

To get access to the re-release of Dissolution, players need to hold at least 20 Dissolution Founder Tokens. This DFT-token provides in-game bonuses, like for example experience and loyalty points. Each DFT gives the player a one percent bonus, capped at 300 percent. There will also be guild bonuses. These will give DFT holders financial benefits based on their holdings. There’s a cap of 100 thousand founder tokens.

Also after the overhaul, Dissolution will be a free-to-play shooter built on the Ethereum blockchain and using the Enjin platform for in-game assets. Since October last year players were able to play with and against each other, followed by a singleplayer campaign that Garage Studios launched in March.

How does this DFT work?

Dissolution is a game that uses the Ethereum blockchain. Every player who jumps into this shooter can connect their Ethereum wallet to the game using the Enjin app. After that, the game will look which non-fungible tokens are in the wallet. If it finds a certain number of Dissolution Founder Tokens, certain in-game events are triggered. That way users are able to get early access to the game or receive extra loyalty points.

The cheapest Dissolution Founders’ Token is currently priced 29.9 ENJ on the EnjinX marketplace. That’s a few cents over 5 dollars per DFT. Getting access to the early version of Dissolution will cost a gamer at least 100 dollars. At the moment there are only 90 wallets eligible to play the early version of the renewed Dissolution, when it comes out in a few weeks.

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