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Flow to Provide Easy Access to Chainmonsters

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Gamers playing Chainmonsters will have easy access to the Flow blockchain without even knowing it, according to studio boss Max Weber in a conversation with DappReview. Players just download the free-to-play game and start playing, and during their adventure the blockchain stores all progress and item ownership in the background.

Players won’t even notice there’s blockchain technology involved. However, once they dive deeper into the game they will be able to claim their wallet and everything they’ve collected. This can then be kept, sold or given away through the Flow blockchain and an open peer-to-peer marketplace.

The developers at B-Side Games don’t only tokenize the creatures in Chainmonsters, but also all in-game items. They even store the player characters on the blockchain and allow players to sell them. Weber told DappReview that user empowerment is an important feature of blockchain gaming.

“If you spend hundreds of hours on your account and progressing through the story, you will be able to sell off your items, but also your character itself.”

Max Weber, CEO B-Side Games (Dapp.Review)

This would mean that players can level up a character, and then sell it as an NFT on the marketplace. Weber described this as ‘keeping your account, but selling your progress’. This is comparable to what we see with MMO’s, where players often sell their characters on platforms like Ebay.

What is Chainmonsters?

Chainmonsters is a massively multiplayer online role playing game inspired by classic games like The Legend of Zelda and Pokémon. However, players will be competing against each other. Every player is an agent working for a corporation. There’s a mysterious disease that makes all creatures more aggressive, and there’s a weird crystal in the world. Guess who needs to find out? But can the corporation be trusted? Who knows…

Chainmonsters will launch probably this summer on PC, Android and iOS. When the game is no longer in Early Access, it should be available on Playstation, Xbox and Switch as well. Directly on launch, the game will introduce a season pass with timed events and event exclusive content. There will also be a pre-sale on Flow for digital assets, while Weber is planning a Kickstarter campaign for physical goodies. The developers want Chainmonsters to provide all kinds of interoperability with other projects, Weber said two weeks ago.

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