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Cryptovoxels Ditching COLR Token

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Cryptovoxels is moving away from their own COLR token for in-world micro-transactions, like tipping artists or public speakers. According to the developers there are much better solutions available, referring for example to DAI. Users owning COLR tokens can have their assets converted back to ETH in the coming weeks.

“Everybody who bought COLR prior 1st of May, you send us a link to your transactions and we” convert your COLR back to ETH”, the developers of Cryptovoxels tweeted. The buyback of COLR tokens will be for the balance users have in their wallets plus COLR tokens they might have staked on parcels within Cryptovoxels. The buyback will run for three months.

We’ll pay up to a maximum of 0.00025 ETH per $COLR during the buyback.

Cryptovoxels, Twitter

They introduced COLR originally as a mechanic which allows people to literally add color to the virtual world. However, nowadays anybody with a piece of virtual land can add color freely to their creations. The developers didn’t believe in a token that adds no usage, and therefore decided to rely solely on ethereum.

However, they did mention DAI in their series of tweets. The dollar-pegged stablecoin has its home on the Ethereum blockchain. These tokenized dollars are cheap to send, according to the official website we’re talking about $0.01 for 500 transactions.

More changes coming to Cryptovoxels

In the past few weeks the team behind Cryptovoxels has been adding many new islands. Trinity, Ceres, and Proxima were the names of the first three islands, each of these islands sold out in very little time. The next island will be called The Bronx, named after the famous neighborhood in New York.

A much more technical change coming to Cryptovoxels is the removal of sharding. This means that the virtual world won’t offer different dimensions. Instead all users will be able to walk in the same version of Cryptovoxels. This change will take a while before it’s implemented.

Therefore the developers are introducing the changes step by step. As a first step they are increasing the limit of users per dimension. With immediate effect one shard allows for 500 simultaneous users. “In preparation for the WIP Meetup this week”, the development team stated.

The WIP Meetup is a virtual meeting inside Cryptovoxels that takes place every Thursday at 12 pm PDT / 7 pm UTC. Everybody can join, as Cryptovoxels is freely usable on desktop and mobile devices.

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