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Apple Denied Cryptovoxels App for Unclear Reasons

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Apple has denied to list a dedicate app for Cryptovoxels in their iOS App Store. A particular reason for denying the app hasn’t been mentioned, but it’s not the first time that a blockchain application was denied a listing on the App Store. However, Cryptovoxels does have an app available in the Google Store.

“We can’t do an iPhone app [at] the moment because Tim Cook denied us”, the official Twitter account of Cryptovoxels tweeted on Monday. Apple often labels digital currencies as financial risks. For example, they don’t allow their customers to buy cryptocurrencies using their Apple Card. The exact reason for denying Cryptovoxels remains a mystery, but could have something to do with in-app crypto purchases.

While Apple denied Cryptovoxels, the app has been available in the Google Store for some weeks already. Ben Nolan and the development team underline that the Android app is still a bit buggy and needs more features. In the end this smartphone app is just an extra, because they remain ‘100% dedicated to the web’. They emphasize that the web will always be the main platform for Cryptovoxels.

What is Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is best compared with games like Minecraft, in which players get to build all kinds of things. However, where Minecraft is purely a video game, Cryptovoxels allows for all kinds of utilities. Currently gamers and investors use this virtual world for virtual reality conferences and so-named crypto art. On top of that users have true ownership in this world, secured by the Ethereum blockchain. Each land parcel basically connects to a non-fungible token owned by a user. That’s why landownership is something real with economical value.

Land value in Cryptovoxels has increased tremendously in the past two years. Ben Nolan started developing his virtual world in 2018, and had a difficulty selling the land parcels he offered on a weekly basis. In April he reached a milestone as gamers, artists and investors have bought all land parcels in Origin City. Nolan accumulated over one million dollars with his blockchain project, and he’s not finished yet.

Anybody can visit Cryptovoxels. Just click here to go to Proxima Tower. Users will automatically get an avatar. Once they for example connect their Metamask wallet to the game, users can register user names, buy wearables, or even acquire a land parcel.

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