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Cryptovoxels Soon Supports VR headsets

Gamers and virtual reality enthusiasts who own an Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift VR or HTC Vive headset, will soon be able to enter the virtual world of Cryptovoxels seamlessly. The developers announced that support for the WebXR API is coming, which allows for usage within browser while using virtual reality hardware.

Ben Nolan tweeted that the VR update would be coming this week to Cryptovoxels, but apparently things are a bit harder than he imagined. He expected everything to work this week, but let the community know that the development team will work on the VR features next week as well.

Alongside the VR update, Cryptovoxels also welcomed a new set of islands this week. Trinity is located south of Origin City, and consists out of three plus-shaped islands. The location consists out of 71 units, spread out over three apartment flats. As a result of the sale, Cryptovoxels now has 249.46 ETH in trading volume this week. That’s almost 60 thousand dollars.

What is Cryptovoxels?

Cryptovoxels is best compared with games like Minecraft, in which players get to build all kinds of things. However, where Minecraft is purely a video game, Cryptovoxels allows for all kinds of utilities. Currently this virtual world is often home to virtual reality conferences and computer-generated art. On top of that users have true landownership in this world, secured by non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

Land value in Cryptovoxels has increased tremendously in the past two years. Ben Nolan started developing his virtual world in 2018, and had a difficulty selling the land parcels he offered on a weekly basis. Last month he reached a milestone as gamers, artists and investors have bought all land parcels in Origin City. Nolan accumulated over one million dollars with his blockchain project.

Anybody can visit Cryptovoxels, from any device. Once they for example connect their Metamask wallet to the game, users can register user names, buy wearables, or even acquire a land parcel. Nolan also had a lot more ambitions for Cryptovoxels, more about that here.

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