Play It Forward DAO Guide: How to Make Money, Pros, Cons, and Getting Started

play it forward dao

Play-to-earn (P2E) is becoming professionalized as guilds and scholarships emerge. The Play It Forward (PIF) DAO aims to make play-to-earn work for players, opening the space to a broader audience.

Play It Forward DAO Guild

What is Play It Forward (PIF)?

Play It Forward is a GameFi ecosystem that supports P2E projects and gaming guilds. Its mission is to provide scholarships and help crypto gamers become pros. They do this by nurturing player communities and offering valuable opportunities to build a long and fruitful gaming career.

They’re an ecosystem where players can track their performance across games and build immutable profiles for opportunities. They hope to become the “de facto gateway for guilds to build and scale their communities while fostering GameFi talent.”

PIF started by helping underprivileged players join Axie Infinity. Now they have scaled up and expanded through their vision to “Make Play More Rewarding.” 

By boosting the earning potential of all players, they encourage large-scale onboarding to grow the P2E ecosystem efficiently. To PIF, the future of P2E gaming consists of:

  • Multiple games interacting with interoperability 
  • Multiple guilds that create connected communities.

What is Play It Forward DAO?

Play It Forward DAO is the rebranded version of PIF’s Railings University (RU). RU is the Guild arm of PIF that brings together scholarships, investments, and sponsorships to nurture a P2E gaming community. The guild offers free coaching, training, and other resources to the top talent in their guild.

PIF’s mission is in full swing, with the PIF Guild having grown from 30 Axie Infinity “Scholars” to 3,000 play-to-earn gamers since July 2021.

How does Play It Forward DAO work?

PIF DAO aims to be the growth engine of a Plug-and-Play Metaverse by allowing Play-to-Earn gaming. 

The platform combines a guild management platform (P2E Board) with a large scholar guild mentioned above (PIF Guild, also known as Railings University.) 

These two parts make up the DAO:

  1. The P2E Board’s Guild Management Platform gathers player data from their preferred games, creating an unchangeable record of their accomplishments and earnings and verifying guilds to connect players with good guilds and weed out bad ones.
  2. PIF Guild is also known as the Play It Forward DAO. They are currently planning large-scale educational campaigns to teach the world about P2E gaming.

Gamers of the PIF Guild are known as “Scholars.” The Guild partners with crypto exchanges to pay scholars in fiat currency.

Moderators and admins will answer any questions you have. Applying to PIF DAO as a scholar via their Discord channel could be life-changing.

Play It Forward DAO scholarships

Play It Forward DAO scholarships

When searching for new Scholars, the PIF team looks for both potential and passion. You don’t need to be an expert player to join the PIF DAO ecosystem. 

PIF DAO team members are willing to develop Scholars as much as they need to as long as they contribute to the community and grow the ecosystem. PIF DAO’s approach goes far beyond financial aid.

If your scholarship application gets accepted:

  • You’ll receive the assets needed to join and play any PIF DAO game, 
  • You will have a voice in the community,
  • You will receive personal and professional support.

How to make money as a scholar

Scholars can make money in several ways.

  • Live the P2E dream and become a gaming pro and take part in competitions
  • Be a PIF DOA researcher
  • Becoming a social media streamer on TikTok, Twitch, or other platforms

Play It Forward DAO selects members of the community to anoint as scholars. The DAO uses their treasury funds to buy these scholars their first NFTs for various play-to-earn games and profit shares the proceeds of scholar gameplay.

Many play-to-earn games require an NFT purchase in order to start playing and earning. Becoming a scholar for a guild like PIF allows you to earn from these games without an initial upfront investment. You will have to share some of your profit with the DAO, but it is often worth it, especially if you can put in a lot of hours into the game. 

Apply as a Scholar

To apply as a PIF scholar, follow the steps below 

Step 1: Join the Play It Forward DAO Discord Server (it’s still branded as Railings University)

Play It Forward DAO scholarships

Step 2: In the #start-here channel, choose your role. If you’re interested in becoming a scholar, click the green “Scholarship” button.

Play It Forward DAO scholarships

Step 3: Go to the #application-forms channel under the “Application Process” channel group and follow the instructions to fill out an application.

Play It Forward DAO scholarships

Once you fill out your Scholar application, keep an eye on the #screening-and-interview channel, as you will be tagged there to proceed to an interview with members of the PIF DAO leadership team. 

Other PIF Tasks

Play It Forward DAO also offers monetary rewards for occasional small tasks and for game testers. Each of these tracks is a role that you can select in the #start-here channel of the DAO’s Discord server. The small tasks pay $1-$5 per task and the game tester tasks pay $5-$30 per task.  

How to make money as a manager

Guild managers traditionally serve the role of managing scholars and sometimes even fronting the capital necessary to purchase NFTs for the scholars. In return, the managers themselves profit split with scholars as they play games. This is a good option for those looking to earn money passively from an initial investment of capital.

Not much is known about Play It Forward’s manager process. Many of the steps necessary to become a manager are often secretive, as there is so much interest. The best bet for those looking to become managers is to stay active in the PIF Discord, help newbies out, and eventually create content for the DAO either through documentation, process optimization, or by streaming gameplay on Twitch. Once a prospective manager has contributed sufficiently, they should reach out to the DAO leadership team and inquire about becoming a scholar manager.

Pros and cons of Play It Forward DAO 


  • Combines a P2E Board with the PIF Guild
  • Over 40,000 community members
  • Substantial financial backing ensures longevity


  • Even those without crypto game experience can join PIF DAO
  • The community is not fully global yet
  • Details on tokenomics and rewards are vague


Combines a P2E Board with the PIF Guild

Play It Forward DAO aims to make play more profitable. They can realize this vision thanks to their unique combination of a large guild (PIF Guild) and a platform for managing guilds (P2E Board).

A market leader in guild management, P2E Board offers players and guilds a seamless Plug-and-Play experience in the Metaverse along with immutable Play-to-Earn profiles.

Over 40,000 community members

With 3,000 scholars and 40,000 community members, PIF Guild is prepared to expand into new markets and bring Play-to-Earn to more underserved communities.

Substantial financial backing ensures longevity

With their financial backing, this guild will continue to grow and recruit new blockchain gamers.


Even those without crypto game experience can join PIF DAO

The Scholar selection process is based upon the discretion of the leading team members. As a result, even very new players are accepted. However, this could potentially damage the ecosystem as new players are more likely to give up, even after the PIF DAO has spent resources on training them.

The community is not fully global yet

Members are very localized to the Asia-Pacific region. This means that time-zone issues and rewards scaled to different economies are not yet sorted out.

Details on tokenomics and rewards are vague  

The PIF team writes a lot on their Medium account. However, finding any concrete and up-to-date information about the project is hard. Plus, the rewards Scholars receive for their time and effort are not clearly outlined.

Play It Forward DAO history 

Play It Forward DAO

CEO Cholo Maputol (hanzownage) and CSO/Platform CEO Janze de Guzman (purrbana) started PIF DAO as an Axie Infinity gaming guild supporting underprivileged players. PIF DAO raised $6 million in early 2022 to support its mission to bring more players into the Metaverse and develop a unique Play-to-Earn Gaming Ecosystem.

PIF has several strategic partnerships that support the project:

  • Kumu – the Philippines’ largest social entertainment app, helped them connect with many Filipinos through live streaming and social media.
  • PDAX – helps Filipinos join the crypto and blockchain revolutions. PDAX users can trade cryptocurrencies securely from home in an open market-based system run by professionals. PDAX prioritizes user security.
  • OP Games – a game development and publishing company. 
  • IQ Protocol – which uses tokenomics to measure consumption over time.

PIF also has expert guidance from prominent advisors: 

  • Paul LinChen – Activision Blizzard’s APAC Strategy and Business Development Head
  • Andrew Marchen – Wallex CTO & Tokocrypto Advisor

Play It Forward DAO games

PIF DAO started as an Axie Infinity guild and now has 8 categories of blockchain gaming partners. 

Scholars can find RPG, Puzzle, Shooter, and Simulation & Sports games. Aside from Axie, you can play:

Play It Forward DAO tokens ($PIF)

You have not selected any currency to display

Any thriving blockchain gaming ecosystem needs a native currency, so PIF DAO launched its $PIF ERC-20 token.

The $PIF team is certain that the token will serve as more than just a governance or utility token. 

The value of $PIF will increase in tandem with the growth and expansion of the P2E gaming industry and the Metaverse as a whole as PIF DAO expands its guild and platform operations.

According to their Whitepaper, the token will grow through:

  1. NFT Yield Generation
  2. Treasure Investment Growth
  3. and ‘Growth Platform Revenues. 

The $PIF token unlocks the ecosystem’s full value for its holders, with utility across DAO activities such as:

  • For investors: earn rewards via their staking program
  • For guild managers: unlock premium tools/services on the P2E Board.
  • For players: benefit from the PIF DAO community and have a say in future governance. Voting power is based on how much PIF token holders have and the total supply.

PIF began trading on January, 5 2022. It has a supply of one billion.

Play It Forward DAO staking

Play It Forward DAO staking

PIF is used for staking, and the DAO plans to reward stakers with priority allocation in NFT drops and “enhanced returns” on the platform.

You can stake as many $PIF tokens as you want. Staking them gives you rewards and premium guild management tools.

In PIF, single-sided or double-sided pools can be used to stake your assets. The first pool will receive 20% of the staking reward supply and the second 80%.

When you stake, you can lock your $PIFs for 0-24 months. Again, the longer you bet, the higher your rewards percentage.

How to claim $PIF staking rewards

It’s easy to claim earned rewards. Click “Claim” under “Unclaimed Rewards” on the staking portal dashboard.

You’ll be redirected to your Rewards dashboard to claim your staking pool.

Then, your cryptocurrency wallet will require confirmation. Before confirming, check the total and gas fees. Once approved, you’ll see ‘Transaction Successful!’

How to buy Play It Forward DAO tokens

PIF is listed on crypto exchanges but can’t be bought with fiat money. You can still buy PIF by buying Ethereum from a fiat-to-crypto exchange and transferring it to one that trades it. In this guide, we’ll show you how:

Buying $PIF tokens on Uniswap

1. Register on MetaMask.


2. Send $ETH to your MetaMask wallet address. Buy ETH on Coinbase, Binance, and other exchanges.


3. Log in to Uniswap and select a token.

4. Search for Play It Forward or PIF.

Buying $PIF tokens on Uniswap

5. Enter $ETH to see how much $PIF you’ll get.

6. Confirm the transaction on MetaMask and wait.

Buying $PIF tokens on Uniswap

How to get started with Play It Forward DAO

If you’re interested in a career in blockchain gaming, apply for a PIF DAO scholarship using the following steps:

Step 1: Join the RU Discord server

Step 2: Click on the #v1-application-forms channel or #v2-application-forms channel. Each channel has different P2E games that you can choose to apply as a scholar for.

Play It Forward DAO

Step 3: Click on the relevant link and complete the Google Form.

Play It Forward DAO

Step 4: An admin will message you privately if you’re chosen. Chat will be used for the interview. 

Step 5: Once accepted as a scholar, you’ll receive the game’s initial assets.

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