PathDAO Guide: How to Make Money, Pros, Cons, and Getting Started


Although there appears to be a surge in the Web3 gaming community, there are still millions of gamers in Web2 who don’t get compensated for their participation and contribution to the games they place.

Against this backdrop, PathDAO—one of the new generation Web3 gaming communities—has saddled itself with the responsibility of onboarding millions of gamers into Web3. However, there is more to PathDAO than meets the eye. 

Therefore, this article will give a simple, yet huge exposition of how the world of PathDAO works; the benefits, the downsides, and how you can tap into it to make real-time money as a gamer.

What is PathDAO?

PathDAO is a global organization of game enthusiasts—including developers, players, and investors on the blockchain—who come together to invest in Web3 gaming projects and also build a formidable yet accessible community of P2E gamers.

Since game creators—or developers as the case may be—always have only technical backgrounds, they have always found it hard to onboard and retain gamers to play their games.

Meanwhile, at the other end of the spectrum, there are millions of potential players who are looking for opportunities to play rewarding games.

PathDAO is a gaming guild that tries to map the path of game creators with that of the players. Hence, the name PathDAO. At the moment, PathDAO partners with six popular game studios with plans to add up to 20 new interesting games.

How does PathDAO work?

Unlike other gaming guilds in Web3, PathDAO was structured into five separate yet collaborative arms. The first arm is Path Ventures; the venture capital arm with which the DAO funds potential and unique Metaverse games.

Secondly, the guild of PathDAO is known as the Path Guild. It is the side of the DAO where active Web3 gaming talents form a vibrant community intending to take the best advantage of the P2E economy.

Having noticed that the main focus of the guild is on games without the gamers getting to socialize with themselves, the third arm of the DAO was formed – Path Gaming Platform.

The official payment platform of the DAO is Path Fintech – another important pillar that the players use for banking and financial services.

Knowing fully well, that data and content are vital to thriving in Web3, the fifth arm of PathDAO—known as the Path Insights—is a platform where Web3 gamers can share their insights with the world. 

PathDAO scholarships

There are currently over 2,000 scholars playing the six games listed above. For anyone who wants to be a scholar at PathDAO, the first action is to look at the available games and pick your favorite. Then go ahead to apply to be a scholar in the game. 

The onboarding processes are, however, more formal; the scholars will have to fill out a questionnaire and also go through some rounds of interviews. According to the PathDAO team, these processes are important to get the best talent. 

The managers will train the winning scholars every day virtually, depending on the agreed time. The training makes the scholars more effective. 

Most importantly, the DAO allows exceptional scholars to become a manager or even join the leaderboard. 

How to make money as a scholar

Making money as a scholar in PathDAO P2E games depends on how much time the player is willing to commit. Most times, the longer the duration of play, the higher the earning rewards. 

In addition, you need to be skilled in the games to earn big money consistently. Hence, the reason the managers always provide thorough training programs to the scholar. 

Having said that, the earning allocation percentage is not available to the public – it is not yet stable. 

*Please note that due to the dynamic nature of scholarship programs, the below instructions are current as of the time of this writing but are subject to change often. For more support with the process, join PathDAO’s official Discord and Telegram groups.

To get started as a PathDAO scholar, you must first apply using their application process. This is available through the “A Gamer’s Path by PathDAO” Discord server. Please note that this is a sub-discord and is distinct from the main PathDAO server. Check out the instructions below:

Step 1: Join the A Gamer’s Path Discord.

PathDAO scholar

Step 2: Click the reaction icon under the MEE6 bot message in order to get access to the server. 

PathDAO scholar

Step 3: Navigate to the #apply4pathgamer channel. Here you will be able to see the instructions for becoming a scholar, as well as the links to the forms that you’ll need to fill out.

PathDAO scholar

Bonus Step: To expedite the process of getting accepted as a scholar, you may want to sign up for a GameStreet account and join one of the Path DAO clans. Instructions for this process can be found in the same message in the #apply4pathgamer channel.

How to make money as a manager

Most games in PathDAO have a single manager. If new managers are necessary, they will be appointed from existing community leaders in the DAO. The process for becoming a community leader is not publicly documented, however, engaging with the Discord on a regular basis, answering questions, posting on social media, and streaming the games that the DAO plays are all good ways to get noticed.

The process of becoming part of the leadership team can take months so a healthy dose of patience and a long-term mentality are helpful. Once you feel that you have contributed significantly, you may want to message an existing member of the leadership team and ask them for information regarding any available manager roles.

PathDAO Video Presentation

Pros and cons of PathDAO 

PathDAO has both appealing and not-too-good sides, and we shall look into that subsequently:


  • Sustainable tokenomics
  • Investment in gaming projects
  • Connecting gamers with game developers 


  • Listed on only two exchanges
  • Availability of only 6 games
  • 52 weeks vesting after claiming staking rewards


These are the primary reasons you should consider joining or investing in PathDAO:

Sustainable tokenomics

The $PATH tokens are well distributed and planned. This was more evident in the overall percentage of the tokens allocation and various vesting schedules. 

Investment in gaming projects

As a DAO focused on building the gaming ecosystem, PathDAO goes beyond its competitors to invest in the growth of early-stage games. 

Connecting gamers with game developers 

Now, when game developers or game development companies create new games, they no longer need to worry about how to get the player base because PathDAO takes care of that. 


These are some of the downsides of PathDAO:

Listed on only two exchanges

This is a major flaw. The token of a DAO as established as PathDAO should be in at least 10 exchanges for accessibility. 

Availability of only 6 games

Variety, they say, is the spice of life. However, PathDAO doesn’t give a wide range of games to its community members. Therefore, these games can become boring to the players with time. 

52 weeks vesting after claiming staking rewards

While the reason behind the vesting might be understandable, it can also be unnecessarily too long—and even unbearable—for anyone who wants to withdraw their rewards. 

PathDAO history 

For the records, Jansen Teng founded PathDAO in October 2021.  Jansen was one of the Malaysians with a deep interest in blockchain. He was quite active on Wall Street. Before founding PathDAO, he had already experimented with a Malaysian guild of 50 Axie scholars. 

Between last year October and now, PathDAO has around 41,000 vibrant community members all across the globe and over $19 million in its treasury. 

PathDAO games

PathDAO has some standards with which it filters the games that would be played in the guild. At the moment, only 6 games can be played on the PathDAO gaming guild, and they are:

Meanwhile, some members of the DAO have submitted and voted for the proposal to add some new sets of games. The DAO has invested and partnered with the projects behind these games.

Therefore, it is likely that the following games be available in the PathDAO gaming guild soon:

PathDAO tokens

You have not selected any currency to display

The members of the core team were the prominent directors of the DAO at lunch. But to ensure more decentralization as befits a DAO, the $PATH tokens were deployed on the smart contract of the DAO.

The actual utility of this token is for governance. Such that every member of PathDAO who has these tokens can be able to raise concerns and carry out on-chain deliberations concerning the progress of the organization.

These tokens were evenly distributed so the power of decision won’t be concentrated in the hands of a few. $PATH is often airdropped as an incentive during events and other activities of the organization.

Moving on to tokenomics, there are 1,000,000,000 $PATH tokens created in total. Out of this total supply, only over 185 million are available and in circulation.

The $PATH tokens are distributed across a wide range of contributors in the organization. This is a simple breakdown of the distribution:

  • Treasury – 19.7%
  • Public distribution – 2.5%
  • OG minters – 7.5%
  • Holders compensation – 15%
  • The team – 15%
  • The advisors – 5%
  • Launchpads – 2.5%
  • Community – 20%
  • Angels – 12.8%

To stabilize the tokenomics and avoid massive sell-off from the stakeholders, the team enforced a vesting schedule that varies according to the participation and importance of each contributor.

For instance, there are 36 months of vesting for the team and community tokens, while the OG minters are only vested for 6 months. You can glance through the entire vesting schedule here.

PathDAO staking

One of the most interesting aspects of PathDAO is its staking program. As of the moment of writing, over 9 million $PATH tokens have been staked on the Ethereum mainnet, while 52 million $PATH have been staked via Polygon as an L2.

It’s noteworthy that you will do most activities—such as staking, claiming rewards, and unstaking your tokens—via your PathDAO dashboard

You will need your wallet to connect with PathDAO and stake your $PATH. Now, PathDAO supports Metamask–which appears to be the most used EVM-compatible wallet—along with 16 other wallet choices. Thus, giving people more options and enhancing accessibility.

Before you stake your $PATH tokens, you should know that they will be vested for 52 weeks after you have claimed them. To be clear, this means that the tokens won’t be withdrawable for 52 weeks after you’ve claimed them from the smart contract.

How to buy PathDAO tokens

At the moment, $PATH is available on two exchanges; Uniswap and MEXC Global. But most times, it doesn’t have much liquidity on Uniswap, so we recommend using MEXC.

Step 1: Sign in to your MEXC Account

The first step is to sign in to your account. Here are the details you’ll need, so fill in accordingly:

How to buy PathDAO tokens

Step 2: Fund your MEXC Wallet

There are four alternative ways to fund your account on MEXC, they are:

  • Through third-party payment solution partners
  • P2P
  • Cards
  • Bank transfer

Due to regulatory and geographical reasons, all of these options might not be viable. Thus, pick the ones that are available and easy for you.

How to buy PathDAO tokens

Step 3: Set PATH/USDT trading pair

There are a couple of trading pairs–such as ETH, TRC, and USDC—for $PATH on MEXC. But for easier trading, let’s select USDT.

How to buy PathDAO tokens

Step 4: Set an immediate or future buy order

Once you have selected the PATH/USDT trading pair, the next action is to go under buy and set your order. That’s it.

How to buy PathDAO tokens

How to get started

Perhaps you have always wanted to join PathDAO, this is a TL;DR of how to go about it. 

Step 1: Join the Discord 

Step 2: Buy some $PATH tokens 

Step 3: Apply for scholarships 

Step 4: Start playing and earning

add remove What is the price of PathDAO?

The current price of $PATH, according to CoinGecko, is $0.0136.

add remove Who is behind PathDAO?

Jasen Teng founded PathDAO. It is also backed by big names including Enjinstarters, DeFiance Capital, Supra Oracles, Merit Circle, Newtribe Capital, Inazuma Capital, and a few others.

add remove What is the circulating supply of PathDAO?

The current circulating supply of PathDAO is 185,234,580 $PATH tokens.

John Fáwọlé is a blockchain technical writer and Solidity developer who likes to break down hardcore blockchain concepts for everyone to understand.