UniX Gaming Guide: How to Make Money, Pros, Cons, and Getting Started

unix gaming

UniX has taken advantage of this P2E business model, and they’re hitting us with more flexible games for users to try. Since their launch, they’ve already become a tier one guild.

With this decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), you can play any game and get real rewards like airdrop tokens. 

What is UniX Gaming?

UniX Gaming is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Unix gaming is in partnership with Sandbox making them a Sandbox ecosystem builder. 

The developers built the gaming guild to connect gamers to several gaming projects they can actively participate in and earn. 

UniX is a community-centric platform that allows gamers to earn cryptocurrency and NFTs while playing games. They assist developers in launching within the UniX ecosystem. In addition, they provide scholarships to talented gamers in developing countries. These gamers are trained and given support.

*Note: Guilds are also called play-to-earn communities.

How does UniX Gaming work?

UniX gaming

UniX blends the pleasure of gaming with the benefits of supporting people (especially those in developing countries), and that’s one of the beautiful things about this project. 

Gamers and even non-gamers can earn income through the P2E model. Gamers can become members through the scholarship structure, where there will be training and management.

They’ve also automated the staking or renting of NFTs, making it easier for players. Players can use these NFTs to participate in the game activities. These NFTs each have a unique value and function.

There’s a marketplace available for trading these NFTs. So players can trade, rent or upgrade their NFTs depending on the function they’re looking for. 

UniX Gaming scholarships

The UniX team has offered scholarships to over a thousand gamers. In addition, the platform accommodates over one thousand Axie Infinity scholars and has over 6,000 scholarships in other games using the play-to-earn system.

The platform follows the traditional scholarship model but with a few tweaks. UniX gaming supports the 50-50 profit split, providing a fair share to its community. 

As part of their program, they offer a full education curriculum and NFTs for the scholars to encourage them and improve the outcomes for the entire community. This education is available to everyone who is a community member. 

UniX also entertains within the Discord channel. There are Karaoke tournaments, movie nights, and other activities for members to participate in. Members can also take part in giveaways and win prizes.

The team is now developing its scholarship V2, which will enable researchers to join the metaverse full-time and have the chance to work while having fun. To achieve this, the UniX team is creating a robust support system, recreating the level of certainty people expect from regular employment and incorporating perks like health insurance, pensions, and more.

How to make money as a scholar

*Please note that due to the dynamic nature of scholarship programs, the below instructions are current as of the time of this writing but are subject to change often. For more support with the process, join UniX Gaming’s official Discord and Telegram groups.

You can get started with the UniX scholar program through their Discord server.

Step 1: Join the UniX Gaming Discord server.

UniX Scholarships

Step 2: Go to the #Enter-the-Unixverse channel, and click the “Verify” button under the latest message.

UniX Scholarships

Step 3: Choose the roles you’re interested in under the next message that pops up. If you’re looking for scholar information, make sure to select the “Guild Member” role.

UniX Scholarships

Step 4: Once you select your role, a new channel will open up called #Registration-Channel. Navigate to it and select the red “Register” button.

UniX Scholarships

Step 5: Select your language. For this guide we will be using “English”.

UniX Scholarships

Step 6: Next, the channel will ask you if you want to see channels related to NFT Games. We will select “Yes”. This will finish your verification and registration steps for the UniX Gaming Discord server.

UniX Scholarships

Step 7: Once you have access to the entire server, you may navigate to the #faq channel under the “Join the UniX Guild” channel sub-group. This channel contains the instructions for receiving a scholarship from the guild. 

UniX Scholarships

The instructions in the #faq channel of the UniX server provide the most up-to-date steps for receiving a scholarship from the guild. As of the time of this writing, most scholars get started as players for Axie Infinity. From time to time, the guild will offer scholarships to other games such as Pegaxy.

Currently, the process of becoming a UniX scholar begins with asking for an application form from a member of the Unix Gaming’s Social Analyst team. These members change all the time, so ask about who the right person to contact is by posting a question in the #question-and-answer channel.

Once you fill out an application form, you need to actually get your standing within the community up in order to improve your chances of receiving a scholarship spot. Do this by being active in the community and engaging with the UniX posts on social media. The official social media links for the guild can be found under the #getting-started channel. 

If you provide enough value to the server and follow all the steps, you will be contacted with a scholarship opportunity eventually.

After you’ve been equipped with the necessary training, management, and support from the UniX platform, the next step to making money is simple; start playing!

The easiest way to make money as a scholar is by gaming regularly. UniX hasn’t put their game out yet, but they’ve partnered with other P2E guilds with existing games. So you can pick any of them you find interesting and start playing and earning.

You can also acquire tokens and freebies when you play some games that can be exchanged for money. However, don’t get too caught up in the fun if your goal is to earn. Instead, be strategic about winning the game.

How to make money as a manager

Managing scholars can be very time intensive. It requires coaching and a good amount of time. Depending on the P2E game you decide to join, you could work directly with the scholars or as a middle man.

As a scholarship manager, you help scholars optimize their earnings and share their generated revenue. UniX has yet to launch its game (as mentioned earlier) so let’s look at another P2E game; Axie infinity.

An Axie scholarship manager helps around 10 to 20 scholars. An Axie scholarship manager takes between 5 and 10 percent of revenue from each scholar they manage.

The process for becoming a scholar manager for UniX is not publicly posted. UniX leadership has hinted that they award these positions to the most engaged members of their community. Those looking for manager positions should be active in the Discord every day — helping answer questions, chatting with the team, and attending events. Going above and beyond by offering improvements to the guild, streaming games that you play, and providing tips and help to existing scholars is also often necessary to get noticed. If you’ve been active for long enough and you feel like you’ve earned the attention of the UniX team, reach out to someone from a leadership position to ask them for details on how to become a scholar manager.

Pros and cons of UniX Gaming


  • Scholarship program
  • Metaverse community
  • Community incentives


  • Too many competitors
  • Progressive structure
  • Probability of financial loss


Scholarship program

UniX’s major focus is accessibility to the play-to-earn opportunity and education. They’ve made the opportunities of their platform accessible to people around the world by creating a 24/7 onboarding system for new players.

They’ve also provided metaverse education systems on scams and wallets. As a result, members of developing and underdeveloped countries have the opportunity to learn about the space, earn through gaming, and build a sustainable lifestyle for themselves.

Metaverse community 

UniX is a community-driven platform. They believe in expansion, and adding value to the community. Thanks to the Acceleration launchpad, the Final round, you can see that the platform is passionate about providing support to the community. 

Community incentives

The UniX platform wants to enhance the lives of the people working within the UniX ecosystem. They plan to provide different incentives to the people in their community. This makes the platform different from other scholarship programs that continue to follow the same formula every year.


Many competitors

The Game-fi space is adding numbers daily, and UniX’s model hasn’t stood out. Unless UniX can come up with a far more mind-blowing strategy or even a well-received game, in the future, people may not stick with them. 

Progressing structure

The concept of blockchain technology is progressing. However, scalability, upfront charges, network infrastructure, and general accessibility are a few of the concerns that still need to be tackled. 

The volatile nature of cryptocurrency tokens and NFTs, whose prices seem to rise and fall within a few hours, makes them risky investments.

Probability of financial loss

You might have to play many P2E games for hours before you start to earn any sizable amount of money from them. Sometimes, players spend weeks or months just trying to recoup the cost of purchases in the game.

In addition, the developers or the gaming team still have ultimate authority over the shops and markets and can impose restrictions on how much a player can make in a given time frame.

So, while they present a chance to make money, relatively few people know the risks involved. Therefore, it is necessary to thoroughly understand the game’s regulations before playing.

UniX Gaming history

In just six months, UniX Gaming, which started out as a gaming guild, went from nothing to being the largest play-and-earn community in the metaverse, with 193,000 community members and 5,000 scholars spread across 50+ games. Along with this, the platform also created its stream platform, which currently has over 23 million followers.

The teammates of the project include; Mirko Basil (CEO/Founder), Nick Tieu (Chief Operating Officer), Erik Mayer (Co-Founder), and many more.

The UniX Gaming advisors are professionals with extensive knowledge and track records in the financial and blockchain sectors. 

They have over 50+ partnerships and are constantly growing with play-to-earn games and communities.

UniX Gaming games

UniX gaming

UniX is currently working on its game. They recently unveiled their studio and their plans for their games and games by other play-to-earn guilds. In the meantime, they’ve partnered with some play-to-earn games. 

Some of these games include:

  • Heroes and empires
  • Air Ballerz
  • Planet Mojo
  • Dehorizon

UniX Gaming tokens

UniX gaming

The UNIX token is the platform’s DAO governance token and allows the entire community to be more involved in the platform’s growth. UniX Gaming launched the UNIX ERC-20 token on CopperLaunch.

The token provides several different uses, such as

  • DAO voting rights
  • Staking
  • Special NFT drops
  • Discounts on the collectibles for their games and clothing

You can get UNIX by winning prizes at community events the project sponsors, like esports competitions, gatherings, and loyalty programs.

Additionally, some exchanges support the purchase of UNIX; you can buy from these exchange platforms. 

  • unix
  • UniX
  • Price
  • Market Cap
    $2.3 M

UniX Gaming staking

Users can access the DAO and its voting, incentives, and special drops by staking UNIX. 

Future Unix play-to-earn games will include the UNIX token as a useful component. 

The developers will restrict access to the UniX Launchpad and its special fundraisers for early P2E initiatives to those holding a certain amount of UNIX.

How to buy UniX gaming tokens

UniX tokens can only be purchased with another cryptocurrency on decentralized and centralized exchanges. So you’ll need to buy Ethereum first, then use your ETH to buy the UniX gaming token.

Some exchanges support the trade of UniX tokens. One of these exchanges is Uniswap V2 (you can find Uniswap on trust wallet). Then, of course, there’s Coinbase and Binance too.

Here is a step-by-step process for buying UniX tokens using Coinbase.

  • Step 1: Download your preferred wallet app that supports UniX token exchange. 
  • Step 2: Create your account and store your recovery phrases safely. 
  • Step 3: Set aside some money for network fees. The network fees vary depending on how fast you’d like the transaction to go and how busy the network is at the transaction time.
  • Step 4: Buy and send ETH to your wallet.
  • Step 5: Use your purchased ETH to buy UniX gaming tokens in the trading area of your app.

How to get started

To get started with the UniX gaming guild, it’s important to join their online community. You can find them on Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, Instagram, Medium, Telegram, and  Discord. 

There’s a good number of P2E games that UniX has partnered with since their game is yet to be released.

Here’s how to get started with any of them.

  1. Choose the game you identify with and enjoy playing. Then, ensure you’re good at it because it will increase your chances of earning. 
  2. Check the pre-cost of the game. Is it something you can afford? If yes, go for it. If not, look for something within your capacity.
  3. You’ll need an online crypto wallet to begin your P2E game journey. This will enable you to have access to the game and purchase NFTs. Metamask and Phantom wallet are good choices.
  4. You need crypto to purchase NFTs for the game. You can buy crypto from a centralized exchange like Binance or KuCoin. You can also get from a decentralized exchange like a trust wallet. 

You can reach their socials through their official website, unixgaming.org.


add remove What is UniX Gaming crypto?

UniX Gaming is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) bridging the gap between play-to-earn games and the players, who are the most vital component of the metaverse.

add remove What is the UniX gaming price?

The current price of UniX Gaming is $0.086663 per (UNIX / USD). It had an all-time high of $1.66, and a 24-hour trading volume is $1M – 1.9M USD. (Depending on the exchange.)

add remove What is the Unix Gaming NFT?

There’s a marketplace available for trading these NFTs. So players can trade, rent or upgrade their NFTs depending on the function they’re looking for. UniX Gaming seeks to create an NFT marketplace that will be the first stop for NFTs.

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