Trading card games (TCG) on the blockchain are among the most popular types of games within the NFT and blockchain gaming space. The genre gives players full ownership over digital cards. Players can use these in-game, or sell them on the open market. Trading card games allow players to create a deck that combines powers of individual cards into a strong attacking or defensive move. At the same time the TCG genre offers a wide variety of mechanics for deck building. 

Magic The Gathering is obviously the biggest brand when it comes to trading cards. However, in the world of videos games there are also several others. Think about for example Hearthstone and Gwent, based on the Warcraft and The Witcher franchises.

Most cards in a trading card game have a couple of attributes. First of all they cost a certain amount of mana to summon. On top of that they have strength, defense/armor, and perhaps magic. In addition many cards often have special powers that add new tactical layers to a match.

Trading card games on the blockchain:

  • Axie Infinity Origin Alpha to Start in March 2022

    Sky Mavis confirmed their intention to release the first alpha of Axie Infinity Origin, the new, revamped version of Axie Infinity, in March 2022. The Alpha will only serve as a testing ground, and all items and rewards earned while playing it won’t be kept in the official release. Axie Infinity Origin will offer players […]
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  • Splinterlands Partners with Waka for Legendary Summoner

    In another instance of celebrities teaming up with blockchain projects, Splinterlands announced a new partnership with Waka Flocka Flame, a rapper and celebrity, and a group called LOAK to bring a new Legendary Summoner card to the game. This card will be sold in two sales and has some interesting metaverse capabilities! Unlike other Splinterlands […]
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  • Skyweaver Launches its Open Beta

    After a successful soft launch back in November, the trading card game Skyweaver just opened its beta version to all players. The game is free-to-play and has been under development since 2018. The beta version is already a well polished version of the game and is available on PC, Mac and mobile. Since the first […]
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  • Wrejects Announces its Upcoming Galactic Wrestling League

    The independent studio Boss Cannon announced their upcoming blockchain card battle game: Wrejects. The game will be available for desktop and mobile and the team announced an upcoming airdrop on March 15. Boss Cannon is an independent studio made up of illustrators, product designers, videographers and their goal is to create cool stuff for us […]
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  • Gods Unchained Updates Weekend Play to Earn Rewards

    The weekend tournaments have been an ongoing staple in Gods Unchained for quite some time now. Players received packs from the Core set and the latest expansion as rewards for playing and winning during the weekend. But now it’s time for some changes. Pack rewards have been tweaked and GODS tokens added to the prize […]
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  • Dark Country Land Gameplay on Mainnet

    As promised in their 2022 roadmap, Dark Country opens up land gameplay on the WAX mainnet. Though the system is still in testing, and any progress made before the official launch will be wiped, Dark Country landowners now have a chance to check out the land systems and prepare themselves for the release. A release […]
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  • Dark Country Releases 2022 Roadmap

    Not content to simply create a trading card game, Dark Country has been working for a while on building out a larger gaming world. One that includes land ownership and guild battles. With the latest roadmap update, Dark Country reveals a timeline for these features and a lot more! Dark Country began as a trading […]
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  • The Future of Gods Unchained in 2022

    Gods Unchained trended only upwards in 2021. Their GODS token airdrop paired with a weekly play to earn feature have generated a lot of buzz for the game. Add onto that a successful expansion with Divine Order and a re-opening of the Forge, and Gods Unchained showed amazing progress for the year. So what do […]
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  • Towersmash joins WAX for Tower Busting Fun!

    Towersmash, a Might & Magic inspired deck building, collectible card game, joins the growing game community on WAX. They’ve already completed their first sale, but you can still pick up packs from secondary sellers on Atomic Hub for very reasonable prices. A land sale is expected soon. Joining an increasingly crowded genre of collectible card […]
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  • Synergy of Serra Gameplay Basics

    After slowly and steadily selling out their first edition crates, Synergy of Serra brings us details about gameplay for their upcoming collectible card game. Synergy of Serra calls refers to itself as a ‘Deckbuilder’ game rather than a ‘Constructed’ game. But what exactly does this mean? In a Constructed type card game, players build their […]
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