Trading card games (TCG) on the blockchain are among the most popular types of games within the NFT and blockchain gaming space. The genre gives players full ownership over digital cards. Players can use these in-game, or sell them on the open market. Trading card games allow players to create a deck that combines powers of individual cards into a strong attacking or defensive move. At the same time the TCG genre offers a wide variety of mechanics for deck building. 

Magic The Gathering is obviously the biggest brand when it comes to trading cards. However, in the world of videos games there are also several others. Think about for example Hearthstone and Gwent, based on the Warcraft and The Witcher franchises.

Most cards in a trading card game have a couple of attributes. First of all they cost a certain amount of mana to summon. On top of that they have strength, defense/armor, and perhaps magic. In addition many cards often have special powers that add new tactical layers to a match.

Trading card games on the blockchain:

  • MuTerra Alpha Launch

    MuTerra, a collectible card game (CCG), has announced that it will release an alpha version on January 14, 2023. The information came through via the game’s co-founder, who described the ceremony as an opportunity for players to access MuTerra assets. Also, they will be able to participate in the forthcoming MuTerra airdrop scheduled for January […]
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  • Hexbound Invasion Coming to Skyweaver

    The latest expansion for Skyweaver, Hexbound Invasion, lands on January 16th. Featuring 50 new cards, 10 for each Prism, this expansion release includes a new card ability, and the new Skypass! Skyweaver prepares to release their next expansion, Hexbound Invasion. The lore for this release features armies of creatures infected by Hexbound sickness gathering for […]
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  • Splinterlands Adds Community Proposal System

    Community governance takes another step forward in the world of Splinterlands. The Splinterlands team just announced details of their first, ad-hoc version of community proposals. Anyone can pay a fee in DEC and write up their own proposal for consideration. Splinterlands development keeps churning forward. And though the latest addition, community proposals, is not yet […]
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  • Skyweaver Introducing Skypass

    Skyweaver, one of the many groundbreaking NFT and P2E games launched in the last few years, has announced Skypass, a new feature. Skyweaver has recorded steady growth in the P2E market thanks to its generous features, as it is F2P. It is based on Polygon and has reached an unprecedented number of followers despite facing massive competition […]
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  • Dark Country Adds Daily NFT Rewards

    Dark Country adds a new facet to their play and earn economy with the addition of Daily NFT rewards. Now, the top players of each day receive Hero cards as prizes. These Heroes can be staked into the land game for additional rewards as well! Dark Country continues to expand upon their ecosystem. After implementing […]
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  • Cometh Evolves Into Sci-fi Trading Card Game

    What once was a defi platform with a gameified, asteroid chasing aspect, has morphed into a trading card game about battling spaceships! With a wide selection of cards, a rental system, plus the recent introduction of daily quests and a game store where players can purchase cosmetic NFTs, Cometh is set for future growth. Having […]
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  • Splinterlands Adds Runi Staking; New Promo Card

    Just when I think that we’ve caught up with the Splinterlands news, they release more announcements. This latest wave of updates includes a bit more detail about lands, implementation of Runi staking into the game, and information about a new Promo card! Despite their recent layoffs, Splinterlands seems to be progressing nicely with regular updates […]
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  • Gods Unchained to Mint Star Store Cards

    Gods Unchained adds another facet to their play and earn economy by announcing a plan to mint Welcome set cards from the Star Store! This affects Welcome set cards that are Meteorite quality or higher. This change kicks off on December 14th. It includes existing cards as well as any eligible purchases from the Star […]
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  • Claim Your Splinterlands Land Deed

    At long last, Splinterlands land owners can redeem their Land tokens! Beginning on December 12th, owners can submit a claim, receiving a deed for their actual land plot! Though this isn’t be a full plot reveal, it’s a big step for a long awaited feature! Known officially as Land Phase 0.5, this upcoming addition to […]
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  • Splinterlands Begins Chaos Legion Burn

    Splinterlands just began a planned burn of unsold Chaos Legion packs as outlined by a recently passed, SPS Governance Proposal. In addition, they have revealed the next airdrop cards for Riftwatchers and Chaos Legion, both Legendary cards that should see significant gameplay! In a recent SPS governance proposal, the Splinterlands team suggested that they start […]
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