Trading card games (TCG) on the blockchain are among the most popular types of games within the NFT and blockchain gaming space. The genre gives players full ownership over digital cards. Players can use these in-game, or sell them on the open market. Trading card games allow players to create a deck that combines powers of individual cards into a strong attacking or defensive move. At the same time the TCG genre offers a wide variety of mechanics for deck building. 

Magic The Gathering is obviously the biggest brand when it comes to trading cards. However, in the world of videos games there are also several others. Think about for example Hearthstone and Gwent, based on the Warcraft and The Witcher franchises.

Most cards in a trading card game have a couple of attributes. First of all they cost a certain amount of mana to summon. On top of that they have strength, defense/armor, and perhaps magic. In addition many cards often have special powers that add new tactical layers to a match.

Trading card games on the blockchain:

  • Rebellion Coming to Splinterlands

    A new expansion set, known as Rebellion, is coming to Splinterlands later this year, bringing with it new cards, new abilities, new Summoner powers, and even a new airdrop system! Rebellion will be the fifth core expansion for Splinterlands and consist of 96 cards, including two promo cards only available by participating in the pre-sale. […]
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  • Gods Unchained Reveals Tides of Fate Expansion

    A new expansion is coming soon to Gods Unchained! Titled Tides of Fate, this expansion combines nautical themes with new cards, a new keyword, and even a chance for players to influence the final stats of two cards through a community event! The Gods Unchained team mentioned an upcoming expansion when they announced ‘Season Two‘ […]
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  • Sail Into Season Two of Gods Unchained

    Gods Unchained announces Season Two of their popular, fantasy TCG, with new God powers, a new expansion set, new lands and lore, and more! We don’t have a lot of details yet, but we do have a number of interesting teasers! After partnering with Epic Games for wider distribution, and opening up a seemingly successful […]
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  • Splinterlands Downsizing Again

    Splinterlands announces another downsizing, as well as a reorganization of their projects, assigning them to specific corporate entities. This downsizing also leads to a shift in the organizational structure, as well as a stronger focus on long term goals. Not ten months from their previous downsizing, Splinterlands is forced to do it again. Declining player […]
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  • Duplicate Cards in Parallel

    Though currently still in beta testing, Parallel introduces a new feature to their TCG system, allowing players to duplicate their cards, creating Echo versions. By doing so they setup a player-run economy for these card copies, which should prove beneficial to both new and veteran players! Replication comes to Parallel, letting players clone their cards, […]
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  • Gods Unchained Adds Sealed Mode

    Sealed Mode arrives in Gods Unchained on September 14th, opening up a new type of game that requires players to build competitive decks with a limited, semi-random set of resources! This mode is familiar to many TCG players, and is a feature that the Gods Unchained playerbase has been requesting for quite a while. Sealed […]
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  • Play Pauper Mode in Gods Unchained

    Following up on their promise to offer a rotating selection of alternate game modes, Gods Unchained unveils their latest option, Pauper Mode! Only allowing cards that are of common and rare variety, Pauper Mode will make many players rethink how they assemble their decks! Tired of fighting against decks with overpowered legendary cards that cost […]
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  • Parallel Closed Beta Begins on July 31st

    The beta for Parallel, a sci-fi themed TCG, begins on July 31st, with chances to earn card packs and PRIME tokens by winning matches. Parallel has been in testing for a while, and now they are ready to reveal new features, and expand their playerbase. Parallel prepares to launch their closed beta on July 31st. […]
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  • Claim SCRAP for Synergy of Serra Marketplace

    Synergy of Serra introduces their new, in-game marketplace with an airdrop of SCRAP, the primary game currency. Launching on August 1st, the Synergy of Serra marketplace will be a gas-free zone for trading cards and cosmetic items! An official marketplace arrives soon in Synergy of Serra, proving one convenient spot for all of your Synergy […]
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  • Transform Soul Cards in Dark Country

    Dark Country brings something new to their goth-western TCG in the form of Soul Cards. These cards have a unique ability to transform once every thirty days into a different card! Though it doesn’t get as much attention as other, larger TCGs, Dark Country continues to move forward, developing and growing their game. One of […]
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