Send Ninjas to Find Citizens in Waxel World

Waxel World banner

Waxel World, the virtual gaming world that sprung from the Waxel Ninjas project, is now live on the WAX mainnet. Owners of Waxel Ninjas can begin locating citizens, teaching them skills, and harvesting raw materials for use in the game world.

Waxel World is a game based around the Waxel Ninjas project. First released in June of 2021, Waxel Ninjas are a 10k, generative collection of pixelated ninjas. Though originally just a collection / PFP project, the Waxel team decided to expand their vision and build an entire Waxel World. In development for the better part of a year, Waxel World is now open on the WAX mainnet and available for play.

Waxel World Basics

Getting started in Waxel World requires at least one Waxel Ninja. Though players could potentially buy Citizens from the secondary markets and skip the searching step. Each Waxel Ninja can search for Citizens. The base search time is 24 hours, reduced based on the rarity of the Ninja’s race.

Finding Citizens is not guaranteed, though it is very likely. Unfortunately, one Citizen isn’t much use. In order to create a Professional worker, players must combine five citizens (10 for the more advanced professions) with a Book, which can be purchased for 5 WAX. These Professions include Miner, Lumberjack, and Blacksmith, among others. The basic Professions gather raw materials such as Ore and Wool while the more advanced Professions assemble raw materials into tools and equipment. This equipment can be given to workers to provide harvesting bonuses.

Each Professional worker has a limited lifespan. After 20 uses, that Professional can no longer work. However, players can burn these overworked workers for a chance to receive a Citizen back. With seven professions available, Waxel World players will need to choose their upgrades wisely.

Citizen upgrade overview

Players are limited to 10 of each Profession unless they buy Settlement Upgrades. All of the in-game resources and Citizens remain in-game and are not NFTs. However, players can bundle together 10 of the same item and convert that into an NFT pack for sale on secondary markets.

So players find Citizens, convert them into Professionals, harvest resources, and then craft items so they can harvest resources better. The roadmap for Waxel World does include a larger game world including quests and dungeons and such. But, for now, the game is simply about gathering resources so that you can be better at gathering resources.

Closing Thoughts

Waxel World has definitely made a smart move with their economy. Making everything limited use (except for the Ninjas, of course) is an important aspect for game longevity. Though Citizens are a never-ending resource, the limited uses of Professionals and Equipment keep the game from quickly spiraling into mega-inflation. However, some of that additional stuff from the roadmap is going to need to arrive soon.

For those who don’t own a Waxel Ninja, at the moment, there are still about 3,600 of the original Waxel Ninjas available for purchase.

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