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New Season for Mojo Melee Adds Customization and NFT Minting

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Mojo Melee kicks off a new season of their fantastical, strategic, auto-battler game, and along the way introduce new features allowing players to customize their Mojo’s appearance, and mint NFTs from in-game Champions! The Frozen Fates have arrive in Mojo Melee, and they could bring some cheer to this holiday season!

As we head into a new season for Mojo Melee, we can look forward to a couple of new features as well as a new battlepass. These added features include the ability to customize certain Mojos with various gear and equipment, and the long, long awaited arrival of the ability to mint NFTs from level 20 Champions!

As usual, this season brings a new battle pass, with a new Spellstone and a new Yeti costume for those who pay for the premium version. No new Champions or Mojos this season, as the Mojo Melee team said they were focusing on Mod-able Mojos and Champion minting. That’s right! The time has finally come to mint your level 20 Champions as NFTs! Or not.

Unfortunately, this feature has been delayed yet again. Supposedly they are close to releasing it, but we still have to wait for an update on the status of this feature that many players expected to see long ago. We also don’t know any details about the process, or any cost involved with minting Champion NFTs. Though it seems like they will be using the Sequence Wallet to make the Champion minting inexpensive. Keep an eye on their social channels for updates.

Update: Champion minting is now live and available at level 20, but only for non-NFT Champions. It costs some in-game Gems and mints the NFT directly into your connected Sequence Wallet. Champions can reach level 20 five times, with additional perks for each ‘ Star level’.

when minting?

In the meantime, Mojo Melee is free to play and you can work on leveling up your Champions for when the mint feature does go live. Head over to to get started!

Mod-able Mojos

As for customizing Mojos, this new feature only works on specific Mojos flagged as ‘Mod-able’. Players can pick up a Mod-able Mojo from the game store for 4 MATIC, or get one for free by linking their Amazon Prime account to Mojo Melee. Players can pick up various Mojo outfits from the in-game shop. The rarer the equipped gear, the rarer the Mojo. The Mojo team also says that they have future plans to make Gear items into tradable NFTs.

customize your Mojo
customize your Mod-able Mojo

How to Play Mojo Melee

Mojo Melee, is a fantasy themed, auto-battler, running on the Polygon blockchain. Players build teams consisting of 1 Mojo unit, 4 Champion units, and 2 SpellStones. These teams then fight for dominance in the arena!

Each team can bring up to two SpellStones to a match. Every Spellstone has a special ability. Spellstones fall into three groups — Attachments, which are put with a unit to provide it with the Spellstone’s ability, Offensive Spellstones which are placed on the opponents side and affect enemy units in their range, and Team Spellstones, which provide team bonuses.

Mojos are automatically deployed at the start of the battle and can be upgraded during a match like the other units. Players receive ten gold at the start of every round. Any gold not spent carries over to the next round. During the preparation phase, players use their gold to place Champions and Spellstones onto the battlefield. Players can upgrade Champions and Spellstones by purchasing additional copies and placing them on the same tile. Players can upgrade each Champion and Spellstone as many as three times.

Once both players are done preparing, the game enters auto-battle mode and the teams fight it out until only one is left or time runs out. Each Champion has a number of different stats including health, armor, attack damage, and even targeting priority. These all factor into the team’s behavior and results during a match.

Champions have special abilities that can trigger when they gain enough Energy. Some Champions even start the match with full Energy! Spellstones generally activate once at the start of a round and immediately provide their buff or effect.

To learn more about Mojo Melee, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord chat.

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