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Play and Earn as Eternal Paradox Launches

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Another launch on the Gala Games platform as Eternal Paradox goes live on Android and iOS devices! This real-time, multiplayer strategy game is free to play, offering rewards in the form of ETIME, a token that can be used for game purchases or bridged to the Ethereum network for trading!

So what you will about Gala Games, but they sure know how to stay in the news! This week we have the launch of Eternal Paradox! Eternal Paradox is a 4x, multiplayer strategy game with both daily and seasonal, play and earn rewards. Featuring Land and Mercenary NFTs, Eternal Paradox also opens their doors to free to play players, giving everyone a chance to participate!

This base building, multiplayer game is available for both iOS and Android devices. If you want a bonus to help you get started, you can visit the Eternal Paradox store to pick up NFTs and resource packs.

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ETIME Token and Eternal Paradox NFTs

With this official launch comes the introduction of the game token, ETIME. Players earn ETIME on a daily and seasonal basis. Daily rewards come from completing tasks, leveling up your Captains, Fortresses, and Outposts, competing in Challenge events, and through Hunting and Gathering. Daily rewards are distributed at 0:00 UTC.

Seasonal rewards are given out to those who accumulate Conquest Victory Points, Arena Battle Points, and Battle Victory Points. In addition, land owners can earn points when other players hunt on their land. They also also receive a percentage of resources when players harvest from their land.

And though you can earn points as a free to play player, those with Mercenary NFTs receive significant bonuses. NFT Mercenaries have an additional bonus in that their stats don’t reset at the end of the season. This gives their owners a significant advantage when the new season starts!

Eternal Paradox does allow players to level up in-game mercenaries up and make them mint-ready through the use of Immortal Emblems. Once in a mint-ready state, game Mercenaries can be converted into NFTs. These newly minted NFTs include all the bonuses associated with owning a Mercenary NFT.

Players can spend ETIME in the game store for various items, including some that will only be exclusively sold for ETIME tokens!

a few items available for purchase with ETIME tokens from Eternal Paradox
a few items available for purchase with ETIME tokens

For the first few days, the Eternal Paradox team will be doing ETIME distributions manually to make sure that their calculation system is working as planned. So expect a few delays in the ETIME rewards while they sort that out. Also, any newly minted NFTs and tokens will be on the GalaChain. But they can always be bridged onto Ethereum as well.

What is Eternal Paradox?

Eternal Paradox is a free to play, 4x real-time, multiplayer strategy game. It features a real-time, strategic main game with an RPG-style, turn-based combat system. Players collect and train Mercenaries via missions, PvP encounters, and arena combat.

Players can own Mercenary NFTs, which provide additional points towards daily rewards, and Land NFTs, which receive a portion of the resources harvested on them by other players. NFTs will need to be on the GalaChain to be usable in-game.

Eteneral Paradox runs in cycles, or seasons, of 49 days with the ultimate goal of winning the Battle of the Ring at the end of each cycle. Build up your army, defend your castle, and compete for victory over rival factions!

To learn more about Eternal Paradox, visit their website, join the Gala Games Discord, and follow Gala Games on Twitter.

Eternal Paradox
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