PlanetQuest Whitepaper Update

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PlanetQuest released an updated version of their whitepaper this week, revealing additional details about this upcoming sci-fi adventure game. With planet ownership, guilds, crafting, cooperative gameplay, and faction-based PvP, PlanetQuest has something to offer for all different types of players.

Still in development, PlanetQuest has already sold a number of Planets for their play and earn game. Planet ownership is one aspect of gameplay. But the main game centers around adventuring on missions in search of alien artifacts, Quantum ($PQX), and other rewards. Featuring both cooperative as well as faction-based PvP gameplay, PlanetQuest will be free to play and run in a browser.

PlanetQuest partnered with Immutable X and Starkware to build their game with seamless blockchain integration. Players won’t even need to own a crypto wallet to begin playing.

PlanetQuest Gameplay

PlanetQuest volcanic planet

The main gameplay see players venture down to Planets on missions. Owned planets may only be visited by players who belong to the same faction as the owner. Unowned planets are free to visit by all, and the setting for the PvP gameplay. A generator called The Genesis Engine procedurally creates All planets and encounters in PlanetQuest. Planet owners receive rewards based on the number of players who visit their Planet and the success of their missions. So while this is passive income, active owners will likely generate more activity and earn greater rewards.

Mission rewards can include Quantum tokens, parts, gear, or even alien artifacts!

Players start off at a Common rarity home planet. As players advance through the game and earn Quantum, they open up opportunities to move to rarer Planets. Rarer Planets offer better rewards, but also increased danger.

PlanetQuest will include a crafting feature where players create Gear from Parts. Players can also down Gear for Parts, adding a deflationary aspect to Gear generation. The game will also offer a commission based rental system. Gear owners receive a percentage of the Quantum earned by players using their gear.

PQX and Game Economy

PQX is the game currency for PlanetQuest. It’s used in the in-game marketplace, for transport between planets, activating artifacts, naming of planets, and likely in other game mechanics as well.

PQX distribution

PlanetQuest plans to sell twenty percent (20%) of the PQX tokens in public and private sales with the tokens vesting over a period of 208 weeks (4 years). Four percent will be used to provide liquidity for trading, 25% for advisors and the team, and 5% kept in reserve. The remaining 46% is kept for in-game rewards.

PQX circulates from the reward pool to players, and then back to the pool through trading fees, construction costs, etc. The PlanetQuest dev team can keep an eye on the token supply and flow and take measures to increase or reduce the supply as needed. PlanetQuest plans for PQX token sales and listings in Q1 of 2023.

PlanetQuest plans on including inflationary and deflationary mechanics for their NFTs as well as the PQX token. For example, as the game fills with more players, PlanetQuest will open up new planets for sale. As the player population drops, Planet owners will want to recruit new players, since their earnings are based on players adventuring on their Planets. Or, if needed, the team may even add options for destroying empty Planets and Guilds in return for a lump sum payment of Quantum.


PlanetQuest artwork

As the game story progresses, the team will work game events into the lore and art, creating a living history of the game. PlanetQuest plans to release a game demo in Q4 of 2022, with early game access in Q2 of 2023.

PlanetQuest’s long-term plans include player governance in their game, allowing stakeholders to assist in decisions about the evolution of the game. Additionally, they hope to build out the interstellar side of the game, providing both planet and space based gameplay.

Visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord for more information.

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