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Use AI to Design in Gabby World Beta

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Though the fifteen minutes of fame for AI-assisted technology seems to be fading, there are a lot of organizations that are quietly working to put AI to use in various ways. One of those is Gabby World, who just started their first beta and are diving headfirst into AI generated games and worlds!

The first beta for Gabby World, a universe created and run by player-driven AI prompts, begins today!

It’s too late to get access to this beta, but it runs from September 27th through October 18th. Participants can receive rewards in NFTs, Cyber tokens, AGLD tokens, and more! Rewards are spread out across all sort of categories from Most Active Creator to Most Popular Experiences to Most Adventurous Gabbies!

The beta runs on the Sepolia testnet (Ethereum). You can read the getting started guide here.

What is Gabby World?

Gabby World is a pretty interesting concept. Basically, they plan to have everything in the world generated by AI, with the help of prompts from players. And I mean everything. From the world map, to the adventures, to all the characters in the game world!

Gabby World will not ship with any defined games or specific playstyles. Instead, they will give the players a blank world with basic resources, and see what the players develop and design.

The ability to give prompts to the AI will be the game currency. These are used for defining land, creating experiences, growing your Gabby character, and more! Players can earn more prompts through various contests out of game, or in-game by sending their characters out to explore and by building experiences that other players visit.

Exploration failures may encourage players to add another description prompt to their character to try and complete the challenge. And landlords may want to regularly update their adventures in order to continue to attract players. Both of these drives will lead to a regular growth and refinement of the game world, its characters, and the experiences.

Gabby World envisions a three tier layer of players — Landlords, Builders, and Explorers. Landlords will own sections of the world, and within those they can define a set of rules and rewards mechanics. Builders work within these rules to create experience in the lands to attract Explorers.

To learn more about Gabby World, visit their website, follow them on Twitter, and join their Discord.

creating an adventure in Gabby World
creating an adventure in Gabby World
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