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Matrix World NFT Land Sale on Flow and Ethereum

Matrix World Flow Ethereum virtual metaverse teaser trailer screencap

NFT Land Sale! If those last three words alone don’t get you excited, then you aren’t involved enough in the blockchain scene. Matrix World joins the list of blockchain apps offering land plots to buyers — 5000 lands on Ethereum and 5000 on the Flow network in their pre-sale. Interested parties must fill out an application explaining their ideas and plans for building on the land.

It’s interesting to see a vetted application process for the Matrix World land sale. The Matrix World teams wants to make sure that their land owners will build and create in the space. Matrix World provides the framework, but they need active teams expanding and filling in the worlds to have an active metaverse.


The first wave of application acceptances ended and the winners began claiming their lands on October 22nd. Two more acceptance waves are planned, one on Oct 26th and the other on November 8th. The one on October 26th will feature 5000 Flow lands and the one on November 8th the remaining Ethereum lands.

Accepted applicants will have a Claim option on the Matrix World website. From there they can claim and pay for their land vouchers. For Ethereum the price is 0.2 ETH per land.

Once claimed, land vouchers are fully tradeable. Owners can see their land location on the map via the notification center.

Individuals may apply for up to 10 lands while organizations may apply for as many as 108.

Early access for public creators is slated for mid to late 2022.

What is Matrix Worlds?

Matrix World is 3D, open, virtual world that provides more control and functionality to landowners than most online worlds.

Owners change more than just the visual appearance and properties of their space. They can create traditional 3D open-world features such as buildings, virtual meetings, and NFT displays. But, Matrix World also allows for more complex interactions like hosting decentralized apps, games, and marketplaces. One example given is the creation of an in-game ‘ATM’ that connects the swap function of a DEX behind the scenes and lets users easily switch currencies while in the virtual world.

Each space holds Matrix Objects, programmable, scriptable components that can interact with each other and with outside resources. This can be APIs, smart contracts, other services, etc. Even across blockchains! Ethereum and Flow are the initially supported chains, though inter-connectivity is a key part of Matrix World. So expect to see additional blockchains added in the future.

Matrix World plans a wide selection of tools. From object and scene editors, to automated creations from blueprints, to programmable NFTs! Import NFTs — images, video, audio — all can be imported into Matrix World where they become a Matrix object allowing for additional scripting. The whitepaper even talks of the ability to mint external NFTs from in-world Objects! Pretty cool! Especially if you consider the idea of moving NFTs across chains.

Of course, this is only the beginning. Matrix World plans an extensible system, allowing for the ongoing addition of new services and features. If they can incorporate their cross-chain functionality seamlessly into a virtual world, then Matrix World may be the virtual world everyone should have their eyes on!

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