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Pegaxy Gameplay and Development Updates

Pegaxy Game Play

The Pegaxy team recently released the list of upcoming gameplay updates. These updates are here to stabilize the in-game economy which has been falling in the past few weeks. Some of these updates will be released in the coming days or weeks and should have a positive impact on the Pegaxy economy.

UPDATE: The gameplay updates are live since March 4th

Pegaxy Gameplay Changes

Before this development release, the team introduced different ideas which were reviewed internally and by the community. The proposed updates were the following:

  • Flipping cooldowns for all breeds to provide different incentives for breeding
  • Adding cooldowns to adults when breeding
  • Adding variable energy to newborn Pega
  • Additional Pegas added to races
  • Newborn Pegas will have 0 energy at birth

Out of these 5 proposals, 3 will be implemented in the next release. No specific date has been given by the team, but their wish is to release the update as soon as possible.

The 3 approved gameplay changes are:

  • Flipping cooldowns for all breeds to provide different incentives for breeding
  • Adding cooldowns to adults when breeding
  • Newborn Pegas will have 0 energy at birth

Giving a variable energy limit to newborn Pegas was rejected as this would have favored big guilds and wouldn’t be fair to all players.

The new Pegaxy cooldown rules

Adding additional Pegas to the races is still on the table but will be released at a later stage due to the changes needed to the 3D racetracks.

The community gave a lot of feedback to the team and shared more ideas to improve the game’s economy. The team studied them but decided that these fixes would just speed up or delay the ROI of the Pega and it wouldn’t necessarily help the games’s economy in the long-run. The team announced that they will soon release a Pegaxy Myth Busters video series to explain why or why not they decide to implement community ideas. Hats off to the team for the transparency here.

Apollo and API Updates

Over the past weeks, the team improved the overall user interface of their Apollo Dashboard. They also added a new Liquidity Pool Leader Board which can be accessed here They also added a statistics page related to the recent valentines day breeding event.

The new Liquidity Pool Leader Board

To answer the requests from the community, the team updated all the API endpoints and hosted all the documentation on More API updates are expected in the next development cycles.

Themis Update

Themis Interface Preview

Themis is the governance platform for the Pegaxy ecosystem. The aim for the team is to bring this to the community in early March.

They have developed a voting algorithm similar to other DAOs in order to give fair voting rights to all members and guilds.

Themis will also make it easier for the community to submit development proposals.

Next Development Cycle

The next 6 weeks development cycle has already started and the items in the team’s pipeline are the following:

  • Themis release
  • Genetics Based Breeding
  • Skill Based Decision Making (Phase 1 approach to ease the community into the system, before the Q3 Skill based gameplay)
  • Guild management platform
  • LP Tax system 
  • Renting system overhaul
  • Food 
  • Satellite 
  • Analytics platform (internal team)

The biggest news here is the introduction to the first skill based gameplay features. These features should be released in different phases, before the full release planned for the third quarter.

Head over to the Pegaxy Discord server to discuss the skill based updates.

What is Pegaxy?

Pegaxy is a Player v Player (PVP) horse racing simulator which offers you several ways to be involved in the game and its ecosystem.

Each race has 12 horses running, with the top 3 horses receiving prizes in the game reward token VIS. Currently all race positions are decided through RNG (Random Number Generator) but this will change with version 2 taking into consideration factors such as: changing environment/stadium conditions, which are linked to the attributes of each horse, the food given to a horse and the clothing gear apparel used on your horse.

The Pegaxy Beta launch was in Q4 2021 with its marketplace, rental system and breeding programmes also arriving at this time. The long-term predominant focus for gameplay will be the mobile version as this gives the most flexible way to grow the user base and fits within the team’s previous experience.

For more informations, read our Pegaxy Game Guide or watch our Pegaxy video review.