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Race, Breed, Rent & Earn — Pegaxy Video Review

Pegaxy Video Review

Pegaxy, the mechanical horse racing game, has been out for a couple of months now and it looks like the game keeps growing steadily and is even standing strong in these times of market uncertainty. Check out our first video review on the brand new Play To Earn YouTube Channel.

In our first Pegaxy video review, we give you an overview of the gameplay, discuss tokenomics, roadmap and breeding strategies for you to succeed in Pegaxy.

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What is Pegaxy?

Pegaxy is an NFT based horse racing game on the Polygon blockchain. To compete in a race, players must own or rent a Pega. Pegas can be bought and rented via the in-game marketplace. Although the horses are machines, players can breed Pegas if they own at least a male and a female horse.

The game is web based, but a mobile version is planned for release in Q2 2022. The gameplay should also evolve and introduce 3D graphics, skill based gaming mechanics and the introduction to stadium ownership in future releases.

The game works on a dual token economy: PGX and VIS. The PGX token is the governance token of the game and VIS is the reward token that is also used to breed Pegas. You can find more informations about Pegaxy in our Pegaxy Game Guide or directly in the project’s whitepaper.